Rigid Body Motion, Eulers Equation of Motion, Gyroscopic Action in Machines, Rotary Balancing, Single-Cylinder Engine Balancing, Flywheel Analysis, Equivalent viscous damping, Rayleighs method and Rayleigh-Ritz Method.

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Rigid Body Motion Details 34:16
Rigid Body Motion II Details 30:27
Dynamic Force Analysis of Mechanisms Details 30:5
Space Motion of Rigid Bodies Details 56:4
Inertia Tensor & Angular Momentum Details 57:12
Eulers Equation of Motion Details 39:38
Gyroscopic Action in Machines Details 44:8
Unbalance in Machines Details 55:46
Rotary Balancing Details 41:43
Balancing Machines Details 51:38
Field Balancing of Rotars Details 36:11
Balancing of Single Slider Machines Details
Single-Cylinder Engine Balancing Details
In-Line Engine Balancing Details 1:18
V & Radial Engine Balancing Details 48:10
Turning Moment Diagram Details 55:34
Flywheel Analysis Details 51:44
Dynamics of Machines Details 52:35
Dynamics of Machines II Details 48:54
Dynamics of Machines III Details 58:54
Dynamics of Machines IV Details 1:4:3
Dynamics of Machines V Details 0:59
Dynamics of Machines VI Details 52:39
Dynamics of Machines Details 53:56
Dynamics of Machines VII Details 1:4:46
Dynamics of Machines VIII Details 50:22
Dynamics of Machines IX Details 57:31
Dynamics of Machines X Details 1:1:34
Rotating Vector Approach Details 0:58
Equivalent viscous damping Details 57:46
Dynamics of Machines XI Details 54:27
Systems with two degree of freedom Details 59:48
Tuned Vibration Absorber Details 58:8
Design of Vibration Absorbers Details 56:16
Flexibilty Matrix & Influence Coeff Details 58:18
Forced Vibration of Multiple degrees of Freedom systems Details 59:45
Forced Vibration of Multiple degrees of Freedom systems II Details 48:10
Vibration of Continuous Systems Details 56:11
Vibration of Continuous Systems II Details 52:49
Vibration of Beams – Approximate methods Details 58:9
Rayleighs method Details 53:17
Rayleigh-Ritz Method Details 49:26
Vibration Measurement Details 1:3:51
Vibration Measurement Types of Pickups Details 50:21

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