Introduction to Theory of Literature

Yale,, Spring 2009 , Prof. Paul H. Fry

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Introduction - Ways In and Out of the Hermeneutic Circle - Configurative Reading - The Idea of the Autonomous Artwork - The New Criticism and Other Western Formalisms - Russian Formalism - Semiotics and Structuralism - Linguistics and Literature - Deconstruction - Freud and Fiction - Jacques Lacan in Theory - Influence - The Postmodern Psyche - The Social Permeability of Reader and Text - The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory - The Political Unconscious - The New Historicism - The Classical Feminist Tradition - African-American Criticism - Post-Colonial Criticism - Queer Theory and Gender Performativity - The Institutional Construction of Literary Study - The End of Theory?; Neo-Pragmatism - Reflections; Who Doesn't Hate Theory Now?


Lecture 24: The Institutional Construction of Literary Study

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Introduction to Theory of Literature (ENGL 300)

In this lecture on critical identities, Professor Fry examines the work of Stanley Fish and John Guillory. The lecture begins by examining Tony the Tow Truck as a site for the emergence of literary identities, then brings the courses use of the childrens story under scrutiny through the lens of Fish. The evolution of Fishs theory of interpretive communities is traced chronologically through his publications and examined in close-up in Miltons Paradise Lost. John Guillorys work on interpretive communities and the culture wars leads to a discussion of the Western canon and multiculturalism.

0000 - Chapter 1. Identity in Theory
0914 - Chapter 2. Identity in Tony the Tow Truck
1324 - Chapter 3. Introduction to Interpretive Communities
2217 - Chapter 4. Stanley Fish First Take on Interpretive Communities
2715 - Chapter 5. Stanley Fish Second Take on Interpretive Communities
3352 - Chapter 6. The Limits of Interpretive Community
3952 - Chapter 7. Guillory The School and Other Interpretive Communities

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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.