Course Curriculum

    Electrostatic Interaction Details 50:12
    Electric Field Vector Details 48:8
    Gauss’s Law & Coulomb’s Law Details 47:18
    Charge, density and the electric field of an extended body Details 42:50
    Electric Fields Details 41:35
    Electric Potential Details 41:57
    Calculating Electric Potential Details 50:49
    Substance in an electric field Details 42:59
    Capacitors Details 1:36
    Parallel Plate Capacitor Details 42:10
    Systems of Capacitors Details 44:42
    Electric Current Details 46:34
    Resistors Details 44:9
    Systems of Resistors Details 46:40
    -Sources of Electromotive Force Details 47:12
    Kirchoff’s Rules Details 46:10
    Applications of Kirchhoffs Rules Details 42:24
    Charging and Discharging a Capacitor Details 43:46
    Sinusoidal Alternating Current Details 45:4
    Relation between Current and Voltage Details 51:59
    Complex Impedance Details 32:5
    AC in Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors Details 45:4
    Applications of RLC circuits Details 33:22
    Applications of RLC circuits II Details 47:46
    More Applications of RLC circuits Details 45:17
    Semiconductor Devices Details 47:25
    Transistor Circuits Details 52:8
    Magnetic Interaction Details 44:39
    Magnetic interaction Details 46:26
    Current carrying wire in a magnetic field Details 45:2
    Magnetic Torque Details 48:2
    Maxwell’s Equations Details 41:27
    Magnetic Field produced by Electric Currents Details 45:9
    Faradays Law of Induction Details 43:47
    Self-induction Details 44:58
    Wave nature of Electromagnetic Radiation Details 47:14
    Law of Refraction and Law of Reflection Details 40:46
    Image Formation Details 42:40
    Spherical Mirrors Details 49:43
    Ray Diagrams and Mirror Equation Details 31:32
    Thin Spherical Lenses Details 43:54
    The eye Details 51:1
    System of Lenses Details 45:57
    Optical Instruments Details 44:17
    Designing Optical Systems Details 47:37
    Light and Vision Details 48:21
    Demonstration of Interference Details 0:40
    Theory of Interference Details 44:27
    Designing Optical Systems Details 44:41
    Lecture #50 Details 51:15

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