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Multiplying fractions (old)


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Multiplying fractions

Course Description

Negative numbers introduction – Adding/subtracting negative numbers – Multiplying and dividing negative numbers – Adding and subtracting fractions – Multiplying fractions (old) – Dividing fractions – Introduction to order of operations – Order of operations: PEMDAS – Exponents – Negative exponent intuition – Exponent rules – Simplifying radicals – Introduction to Logarithms – Unit conversion within the metric system – Speed translation – Introduction to logarithm properties – Introduction to scientific notation – Scientific notation examples – Introduction to ratios – Unit conversion word problem: drug dosage – Common divisibility examples – Binary Numbers – Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Number Systems – Number Base Conversion Practice – Significant figures – More on significant figures – Multiplying and dividing with significant figures – Addition and subtraction with significant figures – Pure Numbers and Significant Digits – Ordering negative numbers – Comparing absolute values – Comparing and ordering fractions – Inverse property of multiplication – Inverse property of addition – Interpreting linear graphs word problems example

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