Transportation Engineering II

IIT Roorkee , Prof.Rajat Rastogi

Lec-12 Ballast


Lecture Description

Lecture Series on Transportation Engineering - II by Dr.Rajat Rastogi, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description

Introduction to Railway Engineering – Gauges and Permanent Way – Wheel and Axles, Coning of Wheels – Track Resistances, Hauling Capacity – Track Modulus, Stresses in Track – Rails – Stresses in Components of Track – Creep in Rails – Wears & Failures in Rails – Jointed or Welded rails – Sleepers – Ballast – Fastenings – Geometric Design – Alignment of Track – Horizontal Curve & Super elevation – Speeds on Track

Transition Curve & Widening of Track – Vertical Curve & Gradients – Turnouts-Components – Crossing and Design of Turnout – Track Junctions and Designs – Signals – Train Control Systems – Interlocking of Track – High Speed Tracks – Introduction of Air Transport – Aircraft Characteristics – Aircraft Controls, Airport Site&Size Selection – Airport Obstructions – Runway Orientation – Runway Length – Runway Geometric – Taxiway – Exit Taxiway – Aprons and Aircraft Parking – Terminal Area and Building – Terminal Planning and Hangers – Visual Aids-Markings – Visual Aids-Lighting and Signage

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