Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics – Equations of Equilibrium – Truss Analysis Part-2-Analysis of Frames&Machines – Internal Forces – Internal Forces in Beams – Cables – Friction – Application of Friction Part – Centroids&Center of Mass – Product of Inertia, Rotation of Axis and Principle Moments of Inertia

Second Moment of Mass – Principle of Virtual Work – Systems with Friction – Potential Energy – Stability of Equilibrium – Kinematics of a Particles – Relative Motion – Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies -Impulse and Momentum – direct and Oblique Impulse – Plane Kinetics of Rigid Bodies – Kinetics of a Body – Method of Momentum and Analysis of Robot Manipulator – Kinematics in 3D-Free Vibration -Vibration of Rigid Bodies Part – Some Problems of Vibration

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics Details 58:47
Equations of Equilibrium Details 1:1:5
Truss Analysis Part-2 Details 1:2:13
Analysis of Frames&Machines Details 1:1:41
Internal Forces Details 1:3:18
Internal Forces in Beams Details 1:3:25
Cables Details 1:4:32
Friction Details 54:41
Application of Friction Part-1 Details 1:4
Application of Friction Part-2 Details 58:21
Application of Friction Part-3 Details 59:56
Centroids&Center of Mass Details 57:2
Centroids&Area of Moments Details 1:3:28
Product of Inertia, Rotation of Axis and Principle Moments of Inertia Details 0:59
Second Moment of Mass Details
Principle of Virtual Work I Details
Systems with Friction II Details 50:4
Potential Energy Details 57:52
Mod- 9 Lec-22 Stability of Equilibrium Details 59:32
Kinematics of a Particles Details 44:43
Kinematics of a Particle Moving on a Curve Details 1:1:9
Relative Motion Details 1:10
Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies Details 1:3:39
Kinematics of a Particle Details 1:26
Work and Enjoy Details 1:24
Impulse and Momentum Details 1:2:45
Direct and Oblique Impulse Details 1:2:2
Plane Kinetics of Rigid Bodies Details 58:51
Kinetics of a Body Details 27:30
Method of Momentum and Analysis of Robot Manipulator Details 55:37
Kinematics in 3D Details 56:48
Kinetics in 3D Details 1:3:21
Free Vibration Details 59:51
Forced Vibration(Damped Undamped) Details 56:57
Vibration of Rigid Bodies Part-1 Details 1:54
Vibration of Rigid Bodies Part-2 Details 1:2:54
Some Problems of Vibration Details 1:4:31

This Course and video tutorials are delivered by IIT Guwahati, as of NPTEL video courses & elearning program of Govt of India.

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