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Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry - keynote conference speaker on health trends-Student life expectancy and future ageing research - Future of genetic engineering - by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. Genetic mutations and genetic disorders - Gene science by conference keynote speaker - Human brain: fuse with computer chips biodigital brain - How can we feed the world? FUTURIST Q&A with Patrick Dixon - Could human race become extinct? Risk mutant virus - Gene Tests for Insurance - Ethical and Legal Issues - Ageing: How to stop getting old: Impact on Society-Biofuels: run buses on old cooking oil - Stagecoach - AIDS Update - Vaccines and Treatments - Health Predictions - Genetic Secrets - Risk of Illness - Cure for diabetes - Future of the pharmaceutical industry - keynote conference speaker - Cure for rheumatoid arthritis - Innovation - Staying Young - anti ageing research - Parkinsons disease research latest - viruses and stem - ce-Truth about AIDS - facts about HIV - virus spread globally

Future Health Care Trends - hospitals, clinics, treatments, cures, cancer and aging, medical issues, life expectancy - conference keynote speaker - Can we stop getting old - reverse ageing? New aging research into living longer, disease prevention, quality of life, healthy lifestyles, longevity - conference keynote speaker Dr Patrick Dixon - Human cloning - part two - why investors don't like cloning - Human cloning - part one - who is doing human cloning. Future of human cloning and why few clones have been made for medical research. Reasons / arguments for and against human cloning. Cloning animals and biotechnology - Future of genetic engineering - by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. Genetic mutations and genetic disorders. Gene science by conference keynote speaker - Stop getting old - reverse aging? New research into ageing process as a disease with potential for treatment. Anti - aging therapies and future health care. Conference keynote speaker Dr Patrick Dixon


Lecture 1: Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry - keynote conference speaker on health trends

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httpwww.globalchange.com Future trends in the pharmaceutical industry. Lack of innovation in pharma companies and empty product pipeline. Generic competition and product recalls. Drug development and novel substances. Large molecule and small molecule therapeutics. Risk profiles and clinical trials. Side effects, gene profile typing and pharmacogenomics. Health care, wellness, enhanced performance and lifestyle drugs. Patent expiry and intellectual property protection. Legal challenges and research scandals. Biogenerics and large molecule therapeutics. Cellular mechanisms of disease. Unmet needs. Government purchasing policies, future of medicare and health insurance cover. Online pharmacy price pressures. Over the counter and pharmacists - pharmacy products. Neutraceuticals and cosmetics. Search for new treatment blockbusters. Chronic disease, childhood disease, vaccines and orphan therapies. Rheumatoid and asthma. Antibiotics and multiple drug resistance problems. Search for powerful antiviral therapy. Future health funding and ageing populations. Contrast with emerging markets. Health economics treatment access and justice issues. Pharmacogenomics and gene prophecy. Ethical issues in pharmaceuticals. HIV and AIDS. Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker and futurist.



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Great course. Thank you very much.