Introduction to the Course – Classical Views of Disease: Hippocrates, Galen, and Humoralism – Plague:Pestilence as Disease,Responses and Measures,Illustrations and Conclusions – Smallpox:The Speckled Monster,Jenner, Vaccination, and Eradication – Nineteenth-Century Medicine: The Paris School of Medicine – Asiatic Cholera:Personal Reflections,Five Pandemics – The Sanitary Movement and the ‘Filth Theory of Disease’ – Syphilis: From the – Contagionism versus Anticontagionsim – The Germ Theory of Disease – Tropical Medicine as a Discipline – Malaria:The Case of Italy,The Global Challenge – Tuberculosis:The Era of Consumption,After Robert Koch – Pandemic Influenza – The Tuskegee Experiment – AIDS – Poliomyelitis: Problems of Eradication – SARS, Avian Inluenza, and Swine Flu: Lessons and Prospects

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