Foundations of Modern Social Theory

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Introduction – Hobbes: Authority, Human Rights and Social Order – Locke: Equality, Freedom, Property and the Right to Dissent – The Division of Powers- Montesquieu – Rousseau: Popular Sovereignty and General Will – Rousseau on State of Nature and Education – Utilitarianism and Liberty, John Stuart Mill – Smith: The Invisible Hand – Marx’s Theory of Alienation-Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism – Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism -Nietzsche on Power, Knowledge and Morality – freud on Sexuality and Civilization – Weber on Protestantism and Capitalism – Conceptual Foundations of Weber’s Theory of Domination – Weber on Traditional Authority – Weber on Charismatic Authority-Weber on Legal – Rational Authority – Weber’s Theory of Class – Durkheim and Types of Social Solidarity – Durkheim’s Theory of Anomie – Durkheim on Suicide – Durkheim and Social Facts

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