Foundations of Modern Social Theory

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Introduction - Hobbes: Authority, Human Rights and Social Order - Locke: Equality, Freedom, Property and the Right to Dissent - The Division of Powers- Montesquieu - Rousseau: Popular Sovereignty and General Will - Rousseau on State of Nature and Education - Utilitarianism and Liberty, John Stuart Mill - Smith: The Invisible Hand - Marx's Theory of Alienation-Marx's Theory of Historical Materialism - Marx's Theory of Historical Materialism -Nietzsche on Power, Knowledge and Morality - freud on Sexuality and Civilization - Weber on Protestantism and Capitalism - Conceptual Foundations of Weber's Theory of Domination - Weber on Traditional Authority - Weber on Charismatic Authority-Weber on Legal - Rational Authority - Weber's Theory of Class - Durkheim and Types of Social Solidarity - Durkheim's Theory of Anomie - Durkheim on Suicide - Durkheim and Social Facts


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Foundations of Modern Social Thought (SOCY 151)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau had a colorful early life. Orphaned at ten, he moved in with a woman ten years his senior at sixteen. Their probable love affair is the subject of Stendhals book Le Rouge et la Noir. Rousseau was friends and sometimes enemies with many major figures in the French Enlightenment. Although he did not live to see the French Revolution, many of Rousseaus path-breaking and controversial ideas about universal suffrage, the general will, consent of the governed, and the need for a popularly elected legislature unquestionably shaped the Revolution. The general will, the idea that the interest of the collective must sometimes have precedence over individual will, is a complex idea in social and political thought; it has proven both fruitful and dangerous. Rousseaus ideas have been respected and used by both liberals and repressive Communist and totalitarian leaders.

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