Introduction to Propulsion : The making of thrust to fly – science and history of propulsion; How the jet engines make thrust : conceptual basis; Jet engine : Turbo-jet, Turbo-fans, Turbo prop, Turbo-shaft.
Thermodynamic basis of Propulsion devices : Basic concepts ; System-Boundary, Surroundings; State, Stable Equilibrium, State Co-ordinates and parameters, Extensive and Intensive Parameters; Energy interactions, Work and Heat transfers, Equilibrium, Quasistatic and Reversible process, Non-equilibrium and Irreversible Processes; Zeroeth Law and Temperature, First Law and Internal Energy; Second Law – Entropy and Absolute Temperature; Third Law and Absolute Entropy – Thermodynamics of simple compressible systems, State postulate, Fundamental Representations, Thermodynamic Potentials; Jacobean and Legender Transformations – Maxwell’s Equations, Derivation of thermodynamic properties. Applications: Closed and open systems, Polytropic processes, Cyclic process – Carnot’s cycle; Gas and vapour power cycles; Mixtures of gases and vapours, One-D compressible flow, isentropic flow, flow with friction and heat transfer, supersonic flow and normal shock.
Piston –Prop Engines for Aircraft : The Otto cycles; IC engines for aircraft application Reciprocating engine performance; Supercharging and Performance enhancement; Propeller fundamentals & Theories – Ideal cycles for Jet Propulsion – Introduction to Missiles, Rockets & Space Propulsion.

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Course Curriculum

Course Intro & Historical development of flights Details
Early development of aircraft propulsive devices Details
Development of Jet propulsion for aircraft Details
Introduction to thermodynamics, Scope and method, Basic concepts. Details
Quasi-static processes, zeroth law of thermodynamics and temperature Details
Specific heats at constant pressure and volume Work and heat transfers Details
Tutorial Details
First law of thermodynamics for closed systems Details
First law of thermodynamics for open systems/flow processes Details
Second law of thermodynamics, heat engines, refrigerators and heat pumps Details
Reversible and irreversible processes, concept of entropy Details
Tutorial Details
Increase of entropy principle, third law of thermodynamics, absolute entropy Details
Carnot cycle,Carnot principle,thermodynamic temperature scale Details
Exergy, availability and second law efficiency Details
Tutorial Details
Gas and vapour power cycles, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle Details
Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, Stirling and Ericsson cycles Details
Thermodynamic property relations, Jacobean and Legendre transformations Details
Tutorial Details
Properties of gas and vapour mixtures Details
Mod-01 Lec-22(A) One-dimensional compressible flows, isentropic flows Details
Mod-01 Lec-22(B) Flows with friction and heat transfer, normal and oblique shocks Details
Piston-prop engines: Otto cycles; Ideal and Real cycles Details
IC Engines for aircraft application Details
Performance parameters of IC engines Details
Supercharging of aircraft IC engines Details
Tutorial: IC Engines Details
Propeller fundamentals Details
Propeller aerodynamic theories –I Details
Propeller aerodynamic theories -II Details
Tutorial: Propellers Details
Ideal cycles for Jet engines Details
Ideal cycles for variants of jet engines Details
Tutorial Details
Fundamentals of Ramjets and Pulsejets Details
Fundamentals of Rocket engines Details
Fundamentals of Missile engines Details
Various space vehicles and their engines Details
Closure of the lecture series : recap Details

This course is delivered by IIT Bombay , as part of NPTEL Free Courses sponsored by Govt of India.

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