Introduction to linear IC applications.
Design and error budget analysis of signal conditioners for low level ac and dc applications.
Signal conditioners with instrumentation autozero/chopper/ isolation/ charge amplifiers.
Design and applications of active filters and high frequency circuits.
Design of multi channel low level and high level data acquisition systems using ADC/DAC, SHA and Analog multiplexers.
Designing of low power circuits for transducers.

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Course Curriculum

Transistor Amplifier Details 58:30
Transistor Op-amp and Transistor Based Voltage Regulator Details 58:58
Some applications of transistor -1 Details 59:2
Some applications of transistor – II Details 58:47
Transformer design & Heat sink design Details 57:42
Op-amp Based Linear Voltage Regulator Details 57:9
Short circuit protection for linear power supply Details 57:41
Temperature indicator design using Op-amp Details 57:6
On & off Temperature controller design Details 59:24
Proportional Temperature Controller Design Details 59:10
PID – Temperature Controller Design Details 58:49
Heater Drive for Various Temperature Controllers Details 58:51
Short Circuit Protection of Power MOSFET Details 59:49
Error budgeting for temperature Indicator Details 57:12
PID Temperature Controllers with Error Budgeting Details 58:46
Error Budgeting for Constant Current Sources I Details 0:1
Error Budgeting for Thermo Couple Amplifier II Details 59:39
Error Budgeting for Op amp Circuits III Details 59:11
Gain Error Calculation in Op amp Circuits Details 58:50
Input Resistance Calculations for Op amp Details 59:3
Output Resistance Calculations for Op amp Details 57:48
Error Budgeting for Different Circuits IV Details 56:30
4-20 mA current Transmitter design Details 58:54
Error budgeting for 4-20mA Current Transmitters V Details 58:19
LVDT Based Current Transmitters Details 59:1
Constant Current Source Design Details 57:27
4-20 MA Based Temperature Transmitter Details 59:55
3-Wire Current Transmitter Details 59:53
Various Resistance Measurement Techniques Details 59:47
Ratio Transformer Technique to Measure Resistance and capacitance Details 59:55
Capacitive Sensor Circuit Design Examples Details 57:28
Capacitive Sensor Circuit With High Impedance Amplifier Details 56:53
AC- applications of the Op-Amp and Lock in Amplifier Design Details 57:37
Design of lock in Amplifier Circuit with example Details 57:7
Dual Slopes ADC — Design Examples Details 57:25
Dual Slope ADC and Successor approximation ADC I Details 0:58
MC based ADC Details 58:3
Digital to analog Converter design and working, Flash ADC Details 57:38
Flash ADC and ADC Converter errors Details 57:35
Sigma delta ADC working Principle Details 0:57

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