This course explores the various nonlinear optical phenomena and the quantum nature of light. Media behave in a nonlinear fashion when the light intensities are high and this leads to the generation of new frequencies through second harmonic generation and parametric processes.
Nonlinear effects such as self phase modulation etc. have also become very important in the field of optical fibre communications. The course will address the basic physics and applications of such nonlinear phenomena.

Although most optical effects can be explained using classical Maxwell’s equations, there are many phenomena, which need the complete quantum mechanical description of light which will be discussed in the course.
Quantum nature of light is playing a very important role in the field of quantum information science with applications in quantum cryptography, quantum computing etc. and the basics learned in the course should be of interest to students wishing to pursue the field of quantum information.
Brief review of electromagnetic waves; Light propagation through anisotropic media.
Nonlinear optical effects, Nonlinear polarization.
Second order effects:
Second harmonic generation, Sum and difference frequency generation, Parametric amplification, parametric fluorescence and oscillation;
Concept of quasi phase matching; Periodically poled materials and their applications in nonlinear optical devices.
Third order effects:
Self Phase modulation, Temporal and spatial solitons, Cross Phase modulation, Four wave mixing, Phase conjugation.
Quantization of the electromagnetic field; Number states; Coherent states and their properties; Squeezed states of light and their properties;
Application of optical parametric processes to generate squeezed states of light; Entangled states and their properties;
Generation of entangled states; Quantum eraser, Ghost interference effects; Applications in quantum information science.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 46:22
Anisotropic Media Details 53:57
Anisotropic Media (Contd.) I Details 52:46
Anisotropic Media (Contd..) II Details 59:2
Nonlinear optical effects and nonlinear polarization Details 58:39
Non – Linear Optics (Contd.) 1 Details 52:4
Non – Linear Optics (Contd..) 2 Details 56:6
Non – Linear Optics (Contd…) 3 Details 55:19
Non – Linear Optics (Contd….) 4 Details 53:7
Non – Linear Optics – Quasi Phase Matching 5 Details 58:9
Non – Linear Optics 6 Details 58:52
Non Linear Optics contd 7 Details 55:56
Non Linear Optics contd. 8 Details 49:32
Non Linear Optics contd.. 9 Details 55:8
Non Linear Optics contd… 10 Details 51:4
Non Linear Optics contd…. 11 Details 50:54
Non Linear Optics contd….. 12 Details 58:11
Non Linear Optics contd…… 13 Details 54:8
Non Linear Optics contd…. 14 Details 51:3
Third Order Non – Linear Effects Details 0:33
Third Order Non – Linear Effects(Contd.) I Details 49:53
Third Order Non – Linear Effects(Contd..) II Details 51:15
Third Order Non – Linear Effects(Contd…) III Details 45:17
Review of Quantum Mechanics Details 50:38
Review of Quantum Mechanics (Contd.) I Details 48:17
Review of Quantum Mechanics (Contd..) II Details 44:38
Quantization of EM Field Details 48:35
Quantization of EM Field (Contd.) I Details 48:57
Quantization of EM Field (Contd..) II Details 55:6
Quantum States of EM Field III Details 48:58
Quantum States of EM Field (Contd.) IV Details 41:20
Quantization of EM Field (Contd…) V Details 40:3
Quantization of EM Field (Contd….) VI Details 51:8
Quantization of EM Field (Contd…..) VII Details 51:6
Quantization of EM Field (Contd……) VIII Details 49:50
Quantization of EM Field (Contd…….) IX Details 52:2
Beam Splitter Details 46:45
Beam Splitter (Contd..) I Details 42:23
Beam Splitter and Balanced Homodyning II Details 54:42
Balanced Homodyning Details 47:39
Quantum Picture of Parametric Down Conversion Details 49:11
Questions Details 43:18

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