Eukaryotic Gene Expression

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CIS-ACTING ELEMENTS AND TRANS-ACTING FACTORS:Eukaryotic RNA polymerases and basal transcription factors - Diversity in core promoter elements - Diversity in general transcription factors - Proximal & Distal Promoter Elements, Enhancers and Silencers, Gene-specific Regulators,DOMAIN STRUCTURE OF EUKARYOTIC TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS:Transcription factors DNA binding domains - Transcription factors transcription activation domain,ROLE OF CHROMATIN IN EUKARYOTIC GENE REGULATION:Role of chromatin in eukaryotic gene regulation - Role of histones in eukaryotic gene regulation - Role of DNA methylation in eukaryotic gene regulation - Chromatin remodelling & gene regulation,SYNTHESIS OF mRNA, rRNA & tRNA:mRNA processing Role of RNA Pol II in mRNA capping and mRNA splicing - mRNA processing Role of RNA Pol II in polyadenylation & mRNA editing - Regulation of RNA Pol I transcription - Regulation of RNA Pol III transcription,REGULATION OF GENE EXPRESSION VIA CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS:Signal Transduction Pathways - Introduction - Regulation of gene expression by cyclicAMP - Regulation of gene expression by second messengers other than cAMP - Regulation of gene expression by Protein Kinase C - Regulation of gene expression by Growth factors - Regulation of gene expression by cytokines,REGULATION OF GENE EXPRESSION BY INTRACELLULAR RECEPTORS:Regulation of gene expression by steroid hormones - Regulation of gene expression by type II nuclear receptors - Mechanism of transcriptional activation by nuclear receptors

REGULATION OF GENE EXPRESSION DURING DEVELOPMENT:Gene Regulation during Drosophila Development - Signal transduction pathways involved in embryonic development - Homeotic genes - Epigenetic regulation of gene expression during development - Embryonic stem cells and Transcription factor-mediated epigenetic - reprogramming,RECOMBINANT PROTEIN EXPRESSION SYSTEMS:Cloning and Expression vectors - Eukaryotic protein expression systems - Gene expression in mammalian cells using viral vectors,GENE THERAPY AND TRANSGENIC TECHNOLOGY:Human Gene Therapy - DNA vaccines - Transgenic animals - Transgenic plants - Knockout mice,RECENT ADVANCES IN EUKARYOTIC GENE EXPRESSION:Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression by Small RNAs (RNA Interference, RNAi) - Genomics & Proteomics - Metabolic Engineering & Synthetic Biology


Lecture 13: Regulation of RNA Pol I transcription

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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.