Basic concepts on polymers – Polymer raw materials – Polymerization principles and processes (step, chain and other polymerizations, polymer kinetics) – Polymerization techniques – Polymer manufacture (unit operations, polymer reactors, polymer isolation, handling and storage) – Polymer structure and property – Polymer characterization – Polymer modification – Multicomponent polymeric materials (polymer miscibility, polymer blends and alloys, filled plastics, polymer composites) – Polymer compounding and fabrication (polymer additives, Compounding processes, fabrication techniques, post fabrication operations) – Polymer testing (sample preparation, testing standards and methods, analysis of polymer and additives) – Polymer applications: Biodegradable polymers, biomedical polymers, conducting polymers – Problems with polymers (thermo oxidative degradation, fire hazards, toxicity, effluent disposal, feedstock scarcity).

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Basic Concepts on Polymers Details 55:12
Basic Concepts on Polymers I Details 57:35
Basic Concepts on Polymers II Details 41:5
Polymer Raw Materials Details 59:23
Principles of Polymer Synthesis Details 57:20
Principles of Polymer Synthesis I Details 57:38
Principles of Polymer Synthesis II Details 59:6
Principles of Polymer Synthesis III Details 59:26
Principles of Polymer Synthesis IV Details 58:53
Structure and Properties of Polymers Details 59:48
Structure and Properties of Polymers I Details 59:16
Structure and Properties of Polymers II Details 58:38
Structure and Properties of Polymers III Details 59:40
Polymerization Techniques Details 56:51
Polymerization Techniques I Details 55:6
Polymerization Techniques II Details 58:58
Polymer Products III Details 0:58
Polymer Products IV Details 57:16
Rubber Products Details 58:51
Rubber Products I Details 58:22
Conducting Polymers Details 56:39
Conducting Polymers I Details 59:25
Liquid Crystalline Polymers Details 57:20
Stimuli Responsive Polymer and its Application Details 57:7
Stimuli Responsive Polymer and its Application I Details 58:10
Polymeric Nanomaterials and Devices Details 58:32
Polymeric Nanomaterials and Devices I Details 57:49
Polymeric Nanomaterials and Devices II Details 52:31
Environmental Degradation of Polymers Details 54:16
Environmental Degradation of Polymers I Details 58:21
Polymer Composites Details 58:51
Polymer Composites I Details 1:20
Polymer Composites II Details 55:5
Multicomponent Polymeric Materials Details 55:21
Multicomponent Polymeric Material I Details 57:5
Multicomponent Polymeric Material II Details 57:59
Viscoelasticity Details 55:10
Engineering and Specialty Polymers Details 55:2
Engineering and Specialty Polymers I Details 58:41
Principles of Polymer Synthesis (Contd…5) Details 59:5

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