Introduction : RF systems – basic architectures – Transmission media and reflections – Maximum power transfer
Passive RLC Networks : Parallel RLC tank, Q – Series RLC networks, matching – Pi match, T match
Passive IC Components : Interconnects and skin effect – Resistors, capacitors – Inductors
Review of MOS Device Physics : MOS device review
Distributed Systems : Transmission lines, reflection coefficient – The wave equation, examples – Lossy transmission lines – Smith charts – plotting gamma

High Frequency Amplifier Design : Bandwidth estimation using open-circuit time constants – Bandwidth estimation using short-circuit time constants – Risetime, delay and bandwidth – Zeros to enhance bandwidth – Shunt-series amplifiers, tuned amplifiers – Cascaded amplifiers
Noise : Thermal noise, flicker noise review – Noise figure

LNA Design : Intrinsic MOS noise parametes – Power match versus noise match – Large signal performance, design examples & Multiplier based mixers
Mixer Design : Subsampling mixers
RF Power Amplifiers : Class A, AB, B, C amplifiers – Class D, E, F amplifiers – RF Power amplifier design examples
Voltage controlled oscillators : Resonators – Negative resistance oscillators

Phase locked loops : Linearized PLL models – Phase detectors, charge pumps – Loop filters, PLL design examples
Frequency synthesis and oscillators : Frequency division, integer-N synthesis – Fractional frequency synthesis

Phase noise : General considerations – Circuit examples
Radio architectures : GSM radio architectures – CDMA, UMTS radio architectures

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Course Curriculum

RF system basic architectures Details 58:19
Transmission media reflection Details 57:46
Maximum power transfer Details 59:43
Parallel RLC tank Details 1:4:24
Matching Details 57:37
Other matching networks Details 59:51
Resistors capacitors Details 1:7:51
Inductors Details 0:59
Inductors and wires Details 59:19
Wires Details
Transmission lines Details 52:30
Device review Details 1:1:32
MOS capacitances Details 59:12
Bandwidth estimation constants Details 57:1
Bandwidth estimation constants (contd) I Details 58:24
Bandwidth estimation using short circuit II Details
Bandwidth groupdelay and peaking III Details 58:22
Shunt series amplifier Details 1:18
Shunt series amplifier contd Details 59:11
Various noise sources Details 51:51
Noise in a mosfet Details 35:35
Motivation first cut design Details 58:10
Motivation first cut design contd Details 58:11
Noise other possible topologies Details 56:33
Multiplier Fundamentals Details 54:23
Mixer non idealties Details 54:48
Mixer non idealties contd Details 59:54
A tank based oscillators Details 55:13
Phase noise in oscillators Details 57:16
Other oscillators topologies Details 59:22
Phase locked loop basics Details 56:42
Charge pump Details 57:50
Pll dynamics integer Details 59:46
Spurious frequencies fractional and synthesis Details 57:44
Fractional spurs Details 56:50
Delta and sigma modulation Details 56:41
Class abc power amplifiers Details 56:37
Class bcd power amplifiers I Details 57:20
Class cd pwm amplifiers II Details 1:51
Course summary and conclusion Details 46:25

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