Essentials of Process Control : Process dynamics, Laplace transform models and identification – Concept of feedback control, block diagram representation, PID control algorithm and tuning – Multivariable control: Niederlinski Index, Relative Gain Array, SVD – Decoupling, Decentralized controller tuning, dynamic matrix control – Advanced control structures: Feedforward control, ratio control, cascade control, override control and optimizing control.

Control Structures for Common Unit Operations :
Control structures for simple distillation columns: LV, LB, DV, DB. Single ended and dual ended temperature inferential control, criteria for temperature control tray selection.

Control of complex column configurations: Side draw columns, side rectifier/side stripper columns, heat integrated columns – Petlyuk and Kaibel columns, homogenous and heterogenous azeotropic distillation – Reactive distillation, Do’s and dont’s of distillation control – CSTR control: Reaction heat removal and corresponding control schemes.
Multiple steady states and stability analysis, heat integration – PBR control: Adiabatic operation, Reaction heat removal schemes and control structures, heat integration – Control of heat exchangers – Control of miscellaneous operations: Compressors, furnaces, refrigeration systems, boiler systems, decanters.

Plant-wide Control Fundamentals : Degrees of freedom: control dof, steady state performance dof, dynamic dof – Rigorous dof analysis for example processes – Simple dof calculation procedure, Equivalence of control structures and steady state dof specs – Plant-wide implications of material (energy) recycle:The snowball effect, effect on process time constant, component inventory balancing – Through-put manipulation and its relation to local inventory control loops – Consistent and inconsistent control structures for a simple recycle process – Plant-wide regulatory Control Structure Design Case Studies:Recycle process with side reaction, cumene manufacture process, hydrodealkylation of toluene, vinyl chloride process.

Plant-wide Control for Improved Economics : Process operation for a given throughput and for maximum throughput – The concept of a bottleneck constraint – Application of optimizing controllers for throughput maximization on case-study processes – Considerations in plant-wide control structure design for throughput maximization:Throughput manipulator, inventory loop tuning, plant-wide propagation of process variablility – Recycle process plant-wide control design case-study:Economic operation for given throughput and for maximum throughput – Control system design for multiple active constraints – Systematic approaches for plant-wide control system design:Luyben’s bottom-up design approachand Skogestad’s top-down optimization based approach. Example case-studies.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course Details 26:1
Process Dynamics and Negative Feedback Details 51:31
PID control Details 36:53
Common Industrial Control Loops and advanced loops Details 51:19
Advanced loops (contd) and multivariable systems Details 52:44
Systematic Tuning Using Frequency Domain Analysis Details 57:22
Frequency Domain Analysis Details 58:19
Multivariable Systems Details 48:48
RGA and dynamic decoupling Details 0:46
Model based control Details 51:9
Dynamic Matrix Control Details 1:7:8
Control of Distillation Columns Details 39:24
Temperature inferential distillation control Details 1:8
Considerations in temperature inferential control Details 46:35
Control of Complex Column Configurations Details 55:2
Control of Heat Integrated Columns Details 55:21
Homogenous extractive distillation Details 55:21
More on complex columns and reactive distillation Details 1:3:36
Control of reactors Details 58:23
PFR controls (continued) & CSTRs Details 45:48
CSTR heat management Details 49:13
Heat Exchangers and Miscellaneous Systems Details 1:2:6
Degrees of freedom analysis Details 51:58
Degrees of freedom (contd) Details 55:58
Illustration of considerations in control structure synthesis Details 49:16
Two column recycle process Details 49:31
Throughput manipulator selection Details 47:57
Plantwide control structure design Details 47:10
Systematizing plantwide control design Details 50:3
The Luyben design procedure Details 50:10
Role of equipment capacity constraints Details 48:4
Recycle process case study Details 56:17
Recycle process case study (contd) Details 47:28
C4 isomerization process case study Details 39:21
C4 isomerization process case study (contd) Details 46:37
C4 isomerization process case study Details 38:16
C4 isomerization process revisited Details 52:21
Contrasting conventional and top-down approach Details 51:43
Cumene process plantwide control Details 50:21
Systematic economic plantwide control design procedure Details 58:7
Ethyl benzene process case study Details 53:59
Lecture-42.Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes Details

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