Introduction : Glimpses of Microsystems; scaling effects – Smart materials and systems: an overview – Microsensors: some examples – Microactuators: some examples – Microsystems: some examples – Examples of smart systems: structural health monitoring and vibration control

Microfabrication processes : Structure of silicon and other materials – Silicon wafer processing; Thin-film deposition – Lithography, wet etching and dry etching – Bulk micromachining and Surface micromachining – Wafer-bonding; LIGA and other moulding techniques – Soft lithography and polymer processing – Thick-film processing; Low temperature co-fired ceramic processing – Smart material processing

Mechanics of Solids : Stresses and deformation: bars and beams – Microdevice suspensions: lumped modeling – Residual stress and stress gradients – Poisson effect; Anticlastic curvature; examples of micromechanical structures – Thermal loading; bimorph effect – Dealing with large displacements; in-plane and 3D elasticity equations – Vibrations of bars and beams – Gyroscopic effect – Frequency response; damping; quality factor – Basic micro-flows for damping calculation

Finite element method : Types of numerical methods for solving partial differential equations – What is finite element method? Variational principles – Weak form; shape functions – Isoparametric formulation and numerical integration – Implementation of the finite element method – FEM for piezoelectrics

Electronics and packaging : Semiconductor devices: basics – OpAms and OpAmp circuits – Signal conditioning for microsystems devices – Control and microsystems – Vibration control of a beam – Integration of microsystems and microelectronics – Packaging of Microsystems: why and how – Flip-chip, ballgrid, etc.; reliability – Case-study 1 (Pressure sensor) – Case-study 2 (Accelerometer)

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Course Curriculum

Glimpses of Microsystems: Scaling Effects Details 55:50
Smart Materials and Systems Details 54:30
Microsensors Details 57:2
Microactuators Details 56:23
Microsystems: some Examples Details 57:6
Smart systems Application and Structural Health Monitoring Details 52:55
Microfabrication Technologies Details 56:38
Thin-film Materials and their Deposition Details 57:57
Approaches for Pattern Transfer Details 57:25
Surface Micromachining of Microstructures Details 57:28
Bulk Micromachining of Microsystems Details 57:55
Extended Approaches for Working Microsystems Details 54:3
Non-conventional Approaches for Microsystems Details 56:26
Packaging of Microsystems Details 56:36
Deformation Strains and Stresses Details 56:51
Microdevice Suspensions: Lumped Modeling Details 58:11
Residual Stress and Stress Gradients Details 58:30
Torsion and Twist Details 58:58
Vibrations of Microsystems Devices: Part -1 Details 58:45
Vibrations of Microsystems Devices: Part -2 Micromachined Gyroscopes: Part -1 Details 1:1:27
Micromachined Gyroscopes: Part -2 Modelling of Coupled Electrostatic Details 57:49
Modelling of Coupled Electrostatic Microsystems: Part -2 Details 57:30
Coupled Electrothermal-elastic Modelling Details 55:41
Modelling of Microsystems: Scaling Effects Details 56:30
Finite Element Method and Microsystems Details 53:47
Theoretical Basis for the Finite Element Method Details 54:24
Energy Theorems and Weak Form of the Governing Equation Details 55:39
Finite Element Equation Development and Shape Functions Details 57:4
Isoparametric FE Formulation and some Examples Details 55:34
Finite Element for Structures with Piezoelectric Material Details 55:26
Semiconductor Device Physics Details 57:57
BJT and MOSFET Characteristics and Op-Amps Details 58:3
Op-Amp Circuits and Signal conditioning for Microsystems Devices Details 57:19
Control and Microsystems Details 53:14
Vibration Control of a Beam Details 55:24
Signal Conditioning Circuits and Integration of Microsystems and Microelectronics Details 57:55
Pressure Sensor Design Concepts, Processing, and Packaging: Part -1 Details 57:32
Pressure Sensor Design Concepts, Processing, and Packaging: Part -2 Details 58:25
Pressure Sensor Design Concepts, Processing, and Packaging: Part -3 Details 58:16
Capacitive Micro-accelerometer: Part -2 Details 58:19

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