Introduction to Game Theory :
What is game theory? – Theory of rational choice – Interacting decision makers

Strategic Games and Nash Equilibrium : Strategic games: examples – Nash equilibrium: concept and examples – Best response functions – Dominated Actions – Symmetric games and symmetric equilibria

Illustrations of Nash Equilibrium : Cournot’s model of duopoly market – Bertrand’s model of duopoly market – Electoral Competition – War of Attrition – Auctions – Accident Laws
Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium : Introduction – Strategic games with randomisation – Mixed strategy Nash equilibrium: concept and examples – Dominated Actions – Formation of Players’ beliefs

Extensive Games and Nash Equilibrium : Introduction to extensive games – Strategies and outcomes – Nash equilibrium – Subgame perfect Nash equilibrium – Backward induction
Illustrations of Extensive Games and Nash Equilibrium : Stackelberg model of duopoly markets – Ultimatum game

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Course Curriculum

Definition of Game Theory and Rational Choice Details 1:1:45
Interacting Decision Makers Details 1:4:4
Strategic Games : Examples Details 1:3:18
Matching Pennies, Stag Hunt and Nash Equilibrium Details 1:4:15
Examples of Nash Equilibrium Details 1:4:41
Altruism and Prisoner’s Dilemma Details 51:27
Variants Stag Hunt Game, Hawk Dove and Coordination Game Details 59:26
Public Good Provision, Strict Nash Equilibrium Details 56:13
Best Response Functions Details 54:17
Strictly and Weekly Dominated Action Details 1:6:9
Application of Week Domination: Voting Details 56:45
Symmetric Games and Symmetric Equilibrium Details 55:9
Cournot Model of Oligopoly Details 1:7:8
Different Aspects of Cornot Model Details 1:5:32
Further Aspects of Cournot Model Details 53:56
Cournot & Bertrand Models Details 1:3:57
Different Aspects of Bertrand Model Details 54:17
Electoral Competition 1 Details
Different Aspects of Hotelling Model Details 55:40
Hotteling Model: Concluding Remarks Details
War of Attrition Details 59:56
Second Price Sealed Bid Details 54:25
Further Aspects of Second Price Auction Details 55:20
First Price Auction Details 53:22
All Pay Auction, Multi Unit Auction Details 1:1:21
Accident Laws Details 1:3:34
Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium: Introduction Details 1:2:12
Mixed Strategy, Mixed Strategy Equilibrium Details 1:1:55
Mixed Strategy Equilibrium: Concept and Examples Details 1:1:44
Characterisation of Mixed Strategy Equilibrium Details 56:47
Dominated Actions and Iterated Elimination Details 1:1:11
Rationasibility and Beliefs Details 1:4:1
Extensive Games: Introduction Details 1:4:12
Strategy and Equilibrium Details 1:3:34
Nash Equilibrium and Its Problems Details 1:4:56
Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium Details 1:1:54
Backward Induction Details 1:2:22
Backward Induction: Exercises Details 1:5:17
Ultimatum Game Details 1:1:48
Stackelberg Duopoly Model Details 1:33

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