Introduction using basic visibility problems : Introduction,Visibility problems
2D Maxima – The plane sweep technique and applications – The plane sweep technique and application – Convex hull different paradigms and quickhull – Dual transformation and applications – Lower bounds on algebraic tree model – Point location and triangulation – Voronoi diagram and delaunay triangulation – Randomized incremental construction and random sampling – Arrangements and levels – Range searching – Clustering point sets using quadtrees and applications – E-nets VC dimension and applications – Shape analysis and shape comparison

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 47:42
Visibility Problems Details 52:5
2D Maxima Details 52:49
Line Sweep Method Details 1:36
Segment Intersection Problem Details 54:28
Line Sweep: Rectangle Union Details 59:47
Convex Hull Details 52:35
Convex Hull Contd I Details 55:29
Quick Hull Details 54:44
More Convex Hull Algorithms Details 54:10
Intersection of Half Planes and Duality Details 52:28
Intersection of Half Planes and Duality Contd I Details 55:26
Lower Bounds Details 55:54
Planar Point Location Details 58:24
Point Location and Triangulation Contd… Details 51:45
Voronoi Diagram : Properties Details 56:11
Voronoi Diagram Construction I Details 59:34
Delaunay Triangulation. Details 57:13
Quick sort and Backward Analysis Details 56:8
Generalized RIC Details 42:26
RIC Continued Details 38:39
Arrangements Details 1:29
Zone Theorem and Application Details 52:57
Levels Details 59:21
Range Searching : Introduction Details 55:37
Orthogonal Range searching Details 51:56
Priority Search Trees Details 51:35
Non – Orthogonal Range Searching Details 55:41
Half – Plane Range Query Details 1:3:55
Well Separated Partitioning Details 53:51
Quadtrees Epsilon -WSPD Details 49:21
Construction of Epsilon – WSPD Details 57:24
Epsilon – WSPD to Geometric Spanner Details 59:35
Epsilon-Nets & VC Dimension I Details 51:44
Epsilon-Nets & VC Dimension contd II Details 58:5
Geometric Set Cover Details 57:13
Geometric Set Cover (with Bounded VC Dimension) Details 48:3
Shape Representation Details 1:10:17
Shape Comparison I Details 48:53
Shape comparison II Details

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