Introduction: Need for studying particle characteristics; Typical industrial applications; emerging nano-particle technologies; microelectronics applications – Single Particle: Concept & Definition; Particle Surface; Surface-Fluid Interactions; Sub-Surface Region; Internal Grain Boundaries; Interior of Particle; Size; Shape – Particulate Assemblies: Description & Properties; Statistical Concepts; Mean Diameters & Shape Factors; Distribution Functions & Models; Surface Area & Specific Surface Calculations – Fine Particle Characterization: Size Analysis & Sampling; Shape Determination Methods; Pattern Recognition & Feature Extraction; Particle Signature & Meloy Equations; Property Representation – Physico-Chemical Properties: Visual Appearance; Absorption; Electrical Properties; Transport Properties; Adhesion & Deposition; Removal from Surfaces; Magnetism; Thermal Conductivity; Aggregation, Coagulation & Restructuring; Chemical Properties – Applications: Dust Explosions; Dust Flame Propagation; Health Hazards; Deserts & Sand Movement; Hazard Potential of Heat-Transfer Fluids; Atmospheric Aerosols; Nano-technology.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction: Why study particle characterization? Details 44:58
Introduction: Classification of particle characteristics I Details 50:12
Morphological Characterization: Shape analysis methods Details 47:43
Morphological Characterization: Techniques of shape assessment I Details 49:36
Morphological Characterization: Decision rules II Details 48:43
Morphological Characterization: Static vs dynamic methods of size analysis III Details 50:6
Morphological Characterization: Static methods of size analysis IV Details 50:6
Morphological Characterization: Light scattering from spherical particles V Details 50:14
Morphological Characterization: Particle counters VI Details 49:31
Morphological Characterization: Particle size distributions VII Details 50:12
Morphological Characterization: Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy VIII Details 44:20
Morphological Characterization: Nano-particle size analysis IX Details 44:53
Structural Characterization Details 47:48
Interfacial Characterization Details 42:59
Surface Adhesion: Forces Details 49:38
Surface Adhesion: Electrostatic & Surface-Tension Forces I Details 47:10
Surface Adhesion: Adhesion Force Measurement II Details 49:36
Particle Removal: Methods Details 50:3
Particle Removal: Wet Cleaning I Details 50:14
Particle Cohesion: Forces II Details 49:48
Particle Cohesion: Flowability Implications III Details 48:56
Transport Properties: Diffusion & Electrostatic Field Effects Details 48:44
Transport Properties: Drag & Inertia I Details 0:40
Transport Properties: Deposition Fluxes & Rates II Details 44:48
Transport Properties: Illustrative Application III Details 48:35
Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Reactivity Details 50:12
Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Analytical Methods I Details 47:40
Chemical & Compositional Characterization: XRD & AFM II Details 48:11
Nano-particle Characterization: Bottom-Up Synthesis Methods Details 45:53
Nano-particle Characterization: Top-Down Synthesis Methods I Details 50:24
Nano-particle Characterization: Dispersion II Details 50:23
Nano-particle Characterization: Properties & Techniques III Details 50:21
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Nano-Fluids Details 50:36
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Filtration I Details 49:26
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Cleanrooms II Details 49:42
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: High-Technology Manufacturing III Details 50:21
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Explosivity IV Details 49:13
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Environment & Human Health V Details 43:56
Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Other Applications VI Details 50:27
Summary Details 0:46

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