INTRODUCTION : Defining Tribology,Tribology in Design – Mechanical design of oil seals and gasket – Tribological design of oil seals and gasket,Tribology in Industry (Maintenance),Defining Lubrication,Basic Modes of Lubrication,Properties of Lubricants,Lubricant Additives,Defining Bearing Terminology – Sliding contact bearings – Rolling contact bearings,Comparison between Sliding and Rolling Contact Bearings,Examples,Exercise.

FRICTION and WEAR : Friction – Laws of friction – Friction classification – Causes of friction,Theories of Dry Friction,Friction Measurement,Stick-Slip Motion and Friction Instabilities,Wear – Wear classification – Wear between solids – Wear between solid and liquid – Factors affecting,wear – Measurement of wear,Theories of Wear,Approaches to Friction Control and Wear Prevention,Boundary Lubrication,Bearing Materials and Bearing Construction,Examples,Exercise.

LUBRICATION of BEARINGS : Mechanics of Fluid Flow – Theory of hydrodynamic lubrication – Mechanism of pressure development in oil film,Two Dimensional Reynolds’s Equation and its Limitations,Idealized Bearings,Infinitely Long Plane Fixed Sliders,Infinitely Long Plane Pivoted Sliders,Infinitely Long Journal Bearings,Infinitely Short Journal Bearings,Designing Journal Bearing – Sommerfeld number – Raimondi and Boyd method – Petroff’s Solution – Parameters of bearing design – Unit pressure – Temperature rise – Length to diameter ratio – Radial,clearance – Minimum oil-film thickness,Examples,Exercise

HYDRODYNAMIC THRUST BEARING : Introduction – Flat plate thrust bearing – Tilting pad thrust bearing,Pressure Equation – Flat plate thrust bearing – Tilting pad thrust bearing,Load – Flat plate thrust bearing – Tilting pad thrust bearing,Center of Pressure – Flat plate thrust bearing – Tilting pad thrust bearing,Friction – Flat plate thrust bearing – Tilting pad thrust bearing,Examples,Exercise.

HYDROSTATIC and SQUEEZE FILM LUBRICATION : Hydrostatic Lubrication – Basic concept – Advantages and limitations – Viscous flow through,rectangular slot – Load carrying capacity and flow requirement – Energy losses – Optimum design,Squeeze Film Lubrication – Basic concept – Squeeze action between circular and rectangular plates -Squeeze action under variable and alternating loads,Application to journal bearings,Piston Pin Lubrications,Examples,Exercise.

ELASTO-HYDRODYNAMIC LUBRICATION : Principles and Applications,Pressure viscosity term in Reynolds’s equation,Hertz’s Theory,Ertel-Grubin equation,Lubrication of spheres,Gear teeth bearings,Rolling element bearings,Examples
GAS (AIR-) LUBRICATED BEARINGS : Introduction,Merits, Demerits and Applications,Tilting pad bearings,Magnetic recording discs with flying head,Hydrostatic bearings with air lubrication,Hydrodynamic bearings with air lubrication,Thrust bearings with air lubrication,Examples,Exercise.

TRIBOLOGICAL ASPECTS of ROLLING MOTION : The mechanics of tyre-road interactions,Road grip and rolling resistance,Tribological aspects of wheel on rail contact,Examples,Exercise
FINITE BEARINGS : Hydrostatic bearings,Hydrodynamic bearings,Thrust oil bearings,Porous Bearings,Foil bearings,Heat in bearings,Examples,Exercise.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 45:23
Interdisciplinary Approach and Economic Benefits Details 53:53
Friction Details 56:16
Friction Estimation Details 53:11
Friction Instability Details 43:36
Wear Details 55:46
Adhesive Wear Details 57:40
Wear Mechanisms Details 57:59
Wear Mechanisms — 2 Details 54:43
Wear Analysis Details 55:16
Lubrication and Lubricants Details 56:43
Boundary Lubrication Details 53:46
Lubrication Mechanisms Details 58:28
Hydrodynamic Lubrication Details 55:12
Lubricant Classifications Details 55:22
Solid and Semi Solid Lubricants Details 0:58
Liquid Lubricants Details 57:54
Lubricant Additives Details 59:35
Fluid Film Lubrication Details 57:44
Reynolds Equation Details 53:54
Solution of Reynolds Equation Details 52:2
Hybrid Solution Approach(to solve Reynolds Equation) Details 50:12
Finite Difference Method to Solve Reynolds Equation Details 47:10
Viscosity Variation Details 50:58
Estimating Elastic Deformation Details 55:39
Thermo Hydrodynamic Lubrication Details 1:27
Application of Tribology Details 52:3
Rolling Element Bearings Details 58:29
Rolling Element Bearings(contd) I Details 54:30
Rolling Element Bearings(contd) II Details 57:5
Selection of Rolling Element Bearings Details 55:46
Friction of Rolling Element Bearing Details 54:38
Bearing Clearance Details 55:12
Bearing Lubrication Details 58:46
Tribology of Gears Details 56:54
Friction and Lubrication of Gears Details 54:36
Friction and Lubrication of Gears(contd) Details 56:37
Surface Fatigue of Spur Gears Details 58:24
Journal Bearings Details 54:36
Hydrostatic Bearings Details 55:42
Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings Details 55:48
Design of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings Details 51:20

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