Real Analysis

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Real Analysis, Lecture 1: Constructing the Rational Numbers


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Real Analysis, Spring 2010, Harvey Mudd College, Professor Francis Su. Get notes and study tools at

Course Description

Constructing the rational numbers,Properties of Q,Construction of R,The Least Upper Bound Property,Complex Numbers,The Principle of Induction,Countable and Uncountable Sets,Cantor Diagonalization, Metric Spaces, Limit Points,Relationship b/t open and closed sets,Compact Sets,Relationship b/t compact, closed sets,Compactness, Heine-Borel Theorem,Connected Sets, Cantor Sets,Convergence of Sequences,Subsequences, Cauchy Sequences. ,Complete Spaces,Series,Series Convergence Tests,Functions – Limits and Continuity,Continuous Functions,Uniform Continuity,Discontinuous Functions. ,The Derivative, Mean Value Theorem,Taylor’s Theorem,Ordinal Numbers, Transfinite Induction.

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