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HTML5 Tutorial - 15 - Styling the Header and Navigation


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Introduction – Creating a Basic Template – Setting up the body – Adding the Meat! – Attribute Selectors – Introduction to pseudo-classes – negation pseudo-class – Sweet New CSS3 Selectors – Laying Out the Website – Starting the Styling – Styling the Navigation Menu – Making Everything Pretty – Finishing the Layout – Flexible Box Model – Styling the Header and Navigation – Finishing the Flexible Box Model Layout.

Reversing the Box Order – More Flexible Box Model Tricks! – Finishing up the Flexible Box Model – Rounded Corners and Shadows! – Text Shadows, Gradients, and Alpha – Crazy Transformations – Animating with Transitions – Making Awesome Rollover Buttons – Working with JavaScript in HTML5 – querySelectorAll – Playing Video on Your Website – How to Customize Your Video Player – Making Your Skin Look Pretty! -Styling the Default and Progress Bars

Programming the Video Player – Playing and Pausing the Movie – How to Update the Progress Bar – Finishing Up the Video Player! – The Canvas Element – Drawing Shapes on the Canvas – Gradients on the Canvas – Making Sweet Custom Shapes! – Working with Text and Shadows – Transformations – Saving and Restoring the Canvas.

Images on the Canvas – Animation for Games! – Drag and Drop – Working on the Drag and Drop Program – Finishing the Drag and Drop Program! – Spice it Up – Web Storage API – Making the Web Storage Program Pretty – Saving Data.

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