The Transcendent Mind : Revising the traditional notion of Consciousness – The nature of soul in Plato and Aristotle – Cartesian Dualism: res cogitans vs. res extensa, Cogito – the thinking self – Immaterialism: Idealism, Parallelism
A Materialistic Conception of Mind : Behaviourism: Methodological Behaviourism and Philosophical Behaviourism; – Ryle’s Category Mistake – Mind-Body Identity theory : Sensations and Brain Processes – Functionalism: the nature of mental events, Brains and Behaviour.

Minds and Machines : Functionalism revisited – Computationalism: Can Computer Think? – Dennett’s Multiple Draft Model – Chomsky and Fodor: The Language of Mind – Connectionism and Folk-psychology – Cognitive Psychology – Eliminative Materialism – Artificial Intelligence.
Rediscovering Consciousness : Biological Naturalism: locating the mind in nature – The structure of experience: the traditional problem revisited – Intentionality: Phenomenological or Naturalistic – Phenomenal Consciousness: Qualia and Quining Qualia.

Language, Representation and Meaning : Language of the Mind – Representation: Mental and Semantic – Intention Based Semantics.
The Non-computational/non-mechanical Mind : Cartesian theory of mind Revisited – Emergentism and Supervenience: Addressing the notion of Parallelism – Subjectivity – Argument against Private Sensation and Thought.
Consciousness, Experience and Values : Personal Identity – Free-will and Moral Agency – Creativity: Human Vs Mechanical.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Contemporary Issues Details
Transeendental Consciousness Details
L3-Plato’s Theory of Mind Details
L4-Parable of Cave : Plato’s Details
L5-Aristotle’s Concept Mind Details
L6-The Concept of Mind in Upanishadas Details
L7-Dualism – I Details
L8-Dualism II Details
L9-Dualism III Details
L10-Against Dualism Details
L11-Property Dualism Details
L12-Varieties of Materialism Details
L13-Mind-Body Identity Theory Details
L14-Functionalism Details
L15-Different Models of Cognitive Mind Details
L16-Connection Folk Psychology Details
L17-Representation I Details
L18-Representation II Details
L19-Artificial Intelligence I Details
L20-Artificial Intelligence II Details
L21-Artificial Intelligence III Details
L22-The Limit of Artificial Intelligence I Details
L23-The Limit of Artificial Intelligence II Details
L24-Biological Naturalism Details
L25-The Concept of Intentionality Details
L26-The Structure of Consciousness I Details
L27-The Structure of Consciousness II Details
L28-Phenomenal Consciousness I Details
L29-Phenomenal Consciousness II Details
L30-Language, Representation & Meaning I Details
L31-Language & Meaning II Details
L32-Language & Mind Details
L33-Language & World I Details
L34-Language & World II Details
L35-Emergentism & Supervenience Details
L36-Reduction & Realization I Details
L37-Reduction & Realization II Details
L38-The Cartesian Mind Revisited Details
L39-Personal Identity I Details
L40-Personal Identity II Details
L41-Creativity : Human Vs Machine I Details
L42-Creativity : Human Vs Machine II Details

This course is delivered by IIT Bombay , as part of NPTEL Free Courses sponsored by Govt of India.

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