Process Design Decisions and Project Economics

IIT Guwahati, , Prof. V. S. Moholkar

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Process selection, synthesis and analysis : Aspects of process design, pre-project objectives, project classification, hierarchical approach to process design.
Engineering Economics : Elements of project cost, cost information, total capital investment and total capital cost, time value of money, depreciation, interest, project financing, measures of process profitability, simplified model for economic analysis of process design.

Short-cut Procedure for Equipment Design and Economic Decision Making : Basic design of absorber, distillation columns, cost model for distillation column, sizing and costing of equipment, Gutheries correlation, distillation column sequencing, energy integration of distillation columns, case study for economic decision making for an absorber.
Preliminary Process Design : Batch versus continuous processes, comparative analysis, input information.
Input-Output Structure of Flowsheet : Hierarchy of decisions for Input-Output structure, overall material balance, stream costs, process alternatives.

Recycle Structure of Flowsheet : Hierarchy of decision for the recycle structure, materials and energy balance for recycle structure, equilibrium limitations, modifications of reactor design for recycle, equipment costs associated with recycle, overall economic potential of process with recycle.
Separation Systems : General structure of the separation system, location of vapor and liquid recovery system in the process, sequencing of non-integrated distillation columns for minimum vapor load, sequencing of columns with more than 2 products, thermal coupling of columns, azeotropic distillation, residue curve maps, azeotropic systems at total and minimum reflux, distillation with entrainer

Heat Exchanger Networking : Composite curves, heat recovery pinch, threshold problems, problem table algorithm, process constraints, number of exchanger units, heat exchanger area target, capital and total cost target, pinch design method, design of threshold problems, stream splitting, design for multiple pinches
Cost Diagrams and Quick Screening of Process Alternatives : Concept of cost diagram, quick assessment of cost distribution with design heuristics, cost allocation procedures, lumped cost diagram, cost allocate diagram for stream flows, screening of process alternatives with cost diagrams.


Lecture 1: Mod-01 Introduction

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Process Design Decisions and Project Economics by Dr. Vijay S. Moholkar,Department of Chemical Engineering,IIT Guwahati.For more details on NPTEL visit httpnptel.ac.in



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