History of Dyestuff – Light colour and different dyestuffs – Classification of Natural dyes – By structure and by color – Relation between Color and constitution – Toxicity of dyestuffs – Synthetic Dyestuff vs Natural dyestuff – Commercial dyes – Oxidation of Colors – Direct cotton dyes and role of electrolytes – Fundamentals of Evaluation of dyestuff by analytical techniques – Use of chromatography in dyestuff chemistry – Use of Spectroscopy in dyestuff chemistry – Non textiles dyestuffs- Synthetic and natural – Medicinal properties of Natural dyes – Technology of dyeing

Basics of Natural Dyeing – Methods of Extraction of natural dyes – Standardization of Natural dyes – Vat dyes and dyeing – Pretreatments used in Dyeing – Dyeing machinery – Continuous dyeing and its adaptation for natural dyeing – Dyeing application of each dye on Cotton, Silk and Wool with fastness properties, CIELab values and shade card – Assessment of Ecofriendliness of Naturally dyed fabrics – Description of the Newer Natural Dye sources- Anthroquinoids dyes

Description of the Newer Natural Dye sources- Indigoid dyes – Description of the Newer Natural Dye sources-Anthocyanin dyes – Description of the Newer Natural Dye sources- Betalains – Isolation, and characterization of the colorant molecules from each dye plant – Structure- mordant interactions – Dyeing applications with Reactive Dyes – Dyeing applications with Sulphur dyes – Dyeing applications of Polyester and its blends – Dyeing applications with polyamides – Dyeing applications with Acrylics

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