Single Mass Rotors – Gyroscopic Effects in Rotors – Torsional Vibrations – Transverse Vibrations – Bearings – Balancing of Rotors – Bearing Dynamic Coefficient Measurement – Instability in Rotors – Sub-Critical Phenomenon in Rotors – FEM Analysis of Rotors – Measurement & Signal Processing Techniques – Condition Monitoring of Rotors.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 50:29
A Brief History of Rotor Dynamics Details 51:34
The State of the Art of Rotor Dynamics Details 53:49
Simple Rotor Models with Rigid Bearings Details 53:5
Jeffcott Rotor Model Details 46:56
Variant of Jeffcott Rotor Model Details 50:31
Rigid Rotor Mounted on Simple Anistropic Springs as Bearings Details 51:56
Rigid Rotor Mounted on Complex Anisotropic Bearings Details 50:22
Flexible Shaft with a Rigid Disc Mounted on Anistropic Supports Details 54:44
Gyroscopic Effects : Synchronous whirl of a Rotor Systems with a thin Disc Details 51:20
Gyroscopic Effects : Synchronous and Asynchronous pure wobbling motions Details 46:14
Gyroscopic Effects : Asynchronous whirl of a Rotor system with a thin Disc Details 57:15
Gyroscopic Effects : Asynchronous whirl analysis with Dynamic Approach Details 49:25
Torsional Vibrations: Simple Rotor Systems Details 51:8
Three Disc Rotor System Details 46:48
Transfer Matrix Approach I Details 50:53
Transfer Matrix Approach II Details 43:36
Transfer Matrix Approach III Details 51:39
Geared and Branched Systems Details 52:7
Continuous System and Finite Element Method Details 51:12
Finite Element Method Details 1:39:14
Finite Element Analysis Details 52:19
Finite Element Analysis III Details 0:53
Influence Coefficient Method Details 50:22
Transfer Matrix Method I Details 50:4
Transfer Matrix Method II Details 48:38
Transfer Matrix Method III Details 56:11
Continuous System Approach Details 50:6
Finite Element Method I Details 52:15
Finite Element Method II Details 52:12
Finite Element Method III Details 53:36
Instability in Rotor Systems: Bearings Details 1:12:9
Fluid-Film Bearings Details 47:25
Internal Damping & Asymmetrical Shaft Details 50:48
Steam Whirl and Seals Details 50:15
Subcritical Speed Whirl Details 51:29
Introduction to Rigid Rotor Balancing Details 49:13
Dynamic Balancing of Rotors: Rigid Rotor Balancing Details 52:52
Dynamic Balancing of Rotors:Flexible Rotor Model Balancing Details 50:42
Dynamic Balancing of Rotors:Influence Coefficient Method for Flexible Rotor Details 55:53
Common Faults & Vibration signatures Details 49:8
Condition Based Monitiring Details 45:25

This Course and video tutorials are delivered by IIT Guwahati, as of NPTEL video courses & elearning program of Govt of India.

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