Basic concepts of compressible flow – continuity, energy and momentum equations; One-dimensional inviscid flow; Stagnation quantities; Isentropic conditions; Speed of sound and Mach number; Isentropic relations; Area-velocity relation – Flow through constant area duct; Normal shock; Propagating Normal Shock – One-dimensional linear and nonlinear wave motion; Linear and Nonlinear Shock tube

Oblique shock and supersonic compression by turning; Weak shocks and Mach waves; Supersonic expansion by turning; Prandtl-Meyer expansion fan; Reflection and intersection of shocks; Shock detachment and bow shock; Shock-Expansion theory with application to thin airfoils – Flow through converging and converging-diverging ducts; Flow through constant area duct with friction (Fanno flow) and – Flow through constant area duct with hear addition (Rayleigh flow) – Relation between vorticity and entropy – Crocco’s equation; Compressible potential flow; Potential and Stream functions;

Linearized subsonic and supersonic flow theory; Small Perturbation Equation – Subsonic, Supersonic and Transonic flows; Ackeret’s problem; Supersonic thin airfoil theory – Slender body theory; Singularity solutions; Affine transformation – Method of characteristics; Compatibility equations and method of solutions for isentropic and non-isentropic flows; Method of finite waves – Similarity rules for subsonic, supersonic and transonic flows; Critical Mach number of an airfoil

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Course Curriculum

Introduction and Review of Thermodynamics Details 58:18
Review of Thermodynamics (Contd.) I Details 59:43
Review of Thermodynamics (Contd.) II Details 58:25
Review of Thermodynamics (Contd.) III Details 1:44:30
One-dimensional gas dynamics Details 56:26
One-dimensional gas dynamics (Contd.) I Details 1:1:10
One-dimensional gas dynamics (Contd.) II Details 56:24
One-dimensional waves Details 56:3
One-dimensional waves (Contd.) I Details 59:52
One-dimensional waves (Contd.) II Details 53:27
Waves and Supersonic Flow Details 1:46
Waves and Supersonic Flow (Contd.) I Details 59:24
Waves and Supersonic Flow (Contd.) II Details 1:1:21
Waves and Supersonic Flow (Contd.) III Details 53:16
Shock Expansion Theory Details 1:25
Flow through ducts and channels Details 1:29
Flow in ducts I Details 59:20
Flow in ducts (Contd.) II Details 57:20
Adiabatic Flow in ducts with friction Details 57:41
Adiabatic flow in ducts with friction (Contd.) Details 51:49
Isothermal flow in ducts with friction Details 53:20
Flow in uniform duct with heating Details 55:45
Multi – dimensional flow problems Details 56:28
Multi – dimensional flow problems (Contd.) I Details 58:34
Linearized flow problems Details 1:41
Linearized flow problems (Contd.) I Details 58:12
Linearized flow problems ( Contd.) II Details 56:45
Linearized flow problems (Contd.) III Details 59:47
Linearized flow problems ( Contd.) IV Details 58:22
Linearized flow problems ( Contd.) V Details 55:58
Linearized flow problems (Contd.) VI Details 58:8
Linearized Problems – Forces on Slender Bodies VII Details 1:1:15
Linearized Problems – Forces on Slender Bodies (Contd.) VIII Details 55:29
Similarity Rules for High Speed Flows Details 58:19
Similarity Rules for High Speed Flows (Contd.) I Details 58:26
Similarity Rules for High Speed Flows (Contd.) II Details 59:16
Similarity Rules in Hypersonic Flow III Details 56:32
Transonic Flow Details 56:20
Transonic Flow (Contd.) I Details 54:45
Transonic Flow (Contd.) II Details 56:36

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