Introduction, soil exploration, analysis and interpretation of soil exploration data, estimation of soil parameters for foundation design – Shallow Foundations :Methods for bearing capacity estimation, total and differential settlements of footing and raft, code provisions – Design of individual footings, strip footing, combined footing, rigid and flexible mat, buoyancy raft, basement raft, underpinning -Pile Foundations :Estimation load carrying capacity of single and pile group under various loading conditions – Pile load testing (static, dynamic methods and data interpretation), settlement of pile foundation, code provisions, design of single pile and pile groups, and pile caps – Well Foundations :Types, components, construction methods, design methods (Terzaghi, IS and IRC approaches), check for stability, base pressure, side pressure and deflection.

Retaining Walls :Types (types of flexible and rigid earth retention systems: counter fort, gravity, diaphragm walls, sheet pile walls, soldier piles and lagging) – Support systems for flexible retaining walls (struts, anchoring), construction methods, stability calculations, design of flexible and rigid retaining walls, design of cantilever and anchored sheet pile walls – Soil-Foundation Interaction : Idealized soil, foundation and interface behavior – Elastic models of soil behavior; Elastic-plastic and time dependent behavior of soil – Beams and plates on elastic foundation; numerical analysis of beams and plates resting on elastic foundation – Reinforced Earth : Geotechnical properties of reinforced soil, shallow foundation on soil with reinforcement, retaining walls with reinforcements, design considerations.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 56:10
Soil Exploration Details 54:7
Soil Exploration – Penetration Tests Details 57:47
Soil Exploration – Geophysical Exploration Details 57:3
Shallow Foundation – Introduction Details 57:8
Shallow Foundation : Bearing Capacity – I Details 56:52
Shallow Foundation : Bearing Capacity – II Details 55:12
Shallow Foundation : Bearing Capacity – III Details 55:53
Shallow Foundation : Bearing Capacity – IV Details 53:3
Shallow Foundation : Bearing Capacity – V Details 54:7
Shallow Foundation – Settlement Calculation – I Details 51:59
Shallow Foundation – Settlement Calculation – II Details 55:4
Shallow Foundation – Settlement Calculation – III Details 58:2
Design of Shallow Foundation Details 58:6
Design of Raft Foundation Details 58:34
Deep Foundation – Introduction Details 55:25
Pile Foundation – Load Carrying Capacity I Details 52:35
Pile Foundation – Load Carrying Capacity – II Details 51:18
Pile Foundation Load Carrying Capacity – III and Settlement Calculation III Details 59:2
Tension and Lateral Loaded Piles Details 53:13
Well Foundation Details 55:48
Well Foundation I Details 53:56
Design of Retaining Wall Details 58:8
Design of Retaining Wall I Details 47:45
Design of Sheet Piles II Details 55:54
Design of Sheet Piles III Details 56:2
Design of Sheet Piles IV Details 55:25
Design of Sheet Piles V Details 55:35
Reinforced Earth Details 56:22
Reinforced Retaining Wall I Details 54:38
Seismic Design of Retaining Wall Details 52:46
Seismic Design of Retaining Walls I Details 53:30
Soil – Foundation Interaction Details 54:24
Soil – Foundation Interaction I Details 58:49
Soil – Foundation Interaction II Details 57:9
Soil – Foundation Interaction III Details 52:3
Soil – Foundation Interaction IV Details 54:39
Soil – Foundation Interaction V Details 53:40
Soil – Foundation Interaction VI Details 57:5
Soil – Foundation Interaction VII Details 49:7

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