Ayurvedic Inheritance of India

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Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Evolution of Ayurveda - Roots of Ayurveda - Traditional medicine in Buddhist India - Period of Systematization - Key Concepts - Philosophical Ideas in Ayurveda - Human Body in Health - Human Body in Disease - Healthy Living - Food and Drinks - Code for Healthy Living - Diseases - Diagnosis and Prognosis - Medical Treatment - Materia Medica - Surgical Conditions - Surgical Treatment - Surgical Instruments - Treatment of Fractures; some surgical procedures - Rejuvenant therapy (Rasāyana); Enhancement of Sexual potency and fertility (Vajīkarana) - Principles and methods of rejuvenation; enhancement of sexual potency and fertility.

Training of Physicians and Surgeons - Selection of students: oath at initiation; process of training - Ayurveda and Science - A Science Initiative in Ayurveda (ASIIA) - Ayurvedic Biology: Illustrative Studies - Biological effects of Amalaki Rasayana in two models: Rats : Drosophila Melanogaster - Physico-Chemical characterisation of Rasasindur - Conclusion - An Ayurvedic view of Life