Review of Semiconductor Device Physics : Energy bands in solids, the E-k diagram, Density of states, Occupation probability, Fermi level and quasi Fermi levels, p-n junctions, Schottky junction and Ohmic contacts.
Semiconductor optoelectronic materials, Bandgap modification, Heterostructures and Quantum Wells.

Interaction of photons with electrons and holes in a semiconductor : Rates of emission and absorption, Condition for amplification by stimulated emission, the laser amplifier.
Semiconductor Photon Sources : Electroluminescence. The LED: Device structure, materials and characteristics. The Semiconductor Laser: Basic structure, theory and device characteristics; direct current modulation.
Quantum-well lasers; DFB-, DBR- and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL); Laser diode arrays. Device packages and handling.

Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers & Modulators : Semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA), SOA characteristics and some applications, Quantum-confined Stark Effect and Electro-Absorption Modulators.
Semiconductor Photodetectors : Types of photodetectors, Photoconductors, Single junction under illumination: photon and carrier-loss mechanisms, Noise in photodetection;
Photodiodes, PIN diodes and APDs: structure, materials, characteristics, and device performance. Photo-transistors, solar cells, and CCDs. Optoelectronic integrated circuits – OEICs.

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Course Curriculum

Context and Scope of the Course Details 52:27
Energy Bands in Solids Details 53:25
E-K Diagram Details 45:48
The Density of States Details 47:27
The Density of States (contd..) Details 47:50
The Density of states in a Quantum well Structure Details 50:52
Occupation Probability and Carrier Concentration Details 46:2
Carrier Concentration and Fermi Level Details 48:50
Quasi Fermi Levels Details 50:22
Semiconductor Materials Details 45:41
Semiconductor Hetrostructures-Lattice-Matched Layers Details 50:43
Strained -Layer Epitaxy and Quantum Well Structures Details 51:9
Bandgap Engineering Details 53:33
Hetrostructure p-n junctions Details 49:35
Schottky Junction and Ohmic Contacts Details 56:21
Fabrication of Heterostructure Devices Details 59:47
The Semiconductor (Laser) Amplifier Details 56:33
Interaction od Photons with Electrons and Holes in a Semiconductor Details 54:32
Optical Joint Density of States Details 50:26
Rates of Emission and Absorption Details 50:28
Amplication by Stimulated Emission Details 42:51
Absorption Spectrum of Semiconductor Details 55:14
Gain and Absorption Spectrum of Quantum Well Structures Details 49:59
Electro-absorption Modulator Details 51:45
Electro-absorption Modulator – II Device Configuration Details 55:1
Mid-Term Revision Question and Discussion Details 58:45
Part – III Semiconductor Light Sources Details 53:11
Light Emitting Diode-I Device Structure and Parameters Details 0:51
Light Emitting Diode-II Device Chracteristics Details 42:7
Light Emitting Diode-III Output Characteristics Details 53:45
Light Emitting Diode-IV Modulation Bandwidth Details 52:20
Light Emitting Diode-V materials and Applications Details 56:22
Laser Basics Details 57:2
Semiconductor Laser – I Device Structure Details 54:16
Semiconductor Laser – II Output Characteristics Details 54:11
Semiconductor Laser – III Single Frequency Lasers Details 56:58
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Details 56:29
Quantum Well Laser Details 58:32
Practical Laser Diodes and Handling Details 55:33
General Characteristics of Photodetectors Details 53:4
Responsivity and Impulse Response Details 53:54
Photoconductors Details 56:20
Semiconductor Photo-Diodes Details 58:4
Semiconductor Photo-Diodes -II : APD Details 42:55
Other Photodectors Details 1:6
Photonic Integrated Circuits Details 50:2

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