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Integrals of trig functions and reduction formulae - Integration by trig substitution and partial fractions - Integration + Partial Fractions - Integration via substitutions - Separable Differential Equations - Linear and Exact Differential Equations - Homogeneous first order ordinary differential equation - Mixing problems and differential equations - How to solve 2nd order differential equations - Solution to a 2nd order, linear homogeneous ODE with repeated roots - How to solve second order differential equations - Integration and differential equations - Sequences and their limits - What is a Taylor polynomial?-Limit of a sequence - Limit of a sequence: L'Hopital's rule applied to $(ln n)/n$ - Limit of a sequence: $n - $th root of $n^2$

Intro to series + the integral test-Series, comparison + ratio tests - Alternating series and absolute convergence - What is a Taylor series? - What is a power series? - How to calculate power series: a tutorial - Partial derivatives and error estimation - Gradient and directional derivative - Gradient & directional derivative tutorial - Tangent plane approximation and error estimation - Tutorial on gradient and tangent plane -Multivariable Taylor Polynomials - Critical points of functions - How to find critical points of functions - Second derivative test: two variables - Critical points + 2nd derivative test: Multivariable calculus - How to find and classify critical points of functions - Max / min on closed, bounded sets - Lagrange multipliers - Intro to double integrals - Double integrals over general regions - Double integral tutorial - Double integrals and area - Double integrals in polar co-ordinates - Reversing order in double integrals


Lecture 36: Critical points + 2nd derivative test Multivariable calculus

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Free ebook httptinyurl.comEngMathYTI discuss and solve an example where the location and nature of critical points of a function of two variables is sought. The method is to calculate the partial derivatives, set them to zero and then solve to find the critical points. The critical points are then classified by employing the 2nd derivative test for functions of two variables.Such an example is seen in 2nd year university mathematics subjects.



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.