The Fundamentals of Managerial Economics : Goals and Constraints – The Nature and Importance of Profits – Understanding Incentives – Economic rationality, Scarcity and opportunity cost – Marginal and Incremental Analysis
Basic Calculus: The Calculus of Optimization.

Theory of Demand : Demand and Supply – Market Equilibrium – Price Ceilings and Price Floors
Comparative Statics: Changes in Demand and Supply – Price Elasticity of Demand – Price Elasticity, Total Revenue, and Marginal Revenue – Factors Affecting Price Elasticity – Cross Price Elasticity – Income Elasticity of Demand – Other Elasticities ,Elasticities for Nonlinear Demand Functions – Elasticity of Supply – Demand Forecasting – Choice and Utility Theory – Law of Diminishing marginal utility – Consumer Equilibrium – Indifference curve Analysis – Consumer Surplus – Price effect, Substitution Effect and Income Effect

Theory of Production and Cost : The Production Function – Profit-Maximizing Input Usage – Isoquants and Isocosts – Cost Minimization and Optimal Input Substitution – The Cost Function – Breakeven analysis, Contribution analysis – Long-run Costs and Economies of Scale – Multiple Cost Functions and Economies of Scope. – Learning curve
Theory of Market and pricing : The Nature of Industry – Perfect Competition – Monopoly – Monopolistic Competition – Oligopoly – Game theory – Product pricing

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Course Curriculum

L1-Introduction to Managerial Economics Details
L2-Introduction to Managerial Economics [Contd…] Details
L3-Introduction to Managerial Economics [Contd…] Details
L4-Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques Details
L5-Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques [Contd…] Details
L6-Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques [Contd…] Details
L7-Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques [Contd…] Details
L8-Theory of Demand Details
L9-Theory of Demand [Contd…] Details
L10-Theory of Demand [Contd…] Details
L11-Theory of Demand [Contd…] Details
L12-Consumer Behaviour Details
L13-Consumer Behaviour [Contd…] Details
L14-Elasticity of Supply Details
L17-Theory of Production Details
L18-Theory of Production [Contd…] Details
L19-Theory of Production [Contd…] Details
L20-Theory of Cost Details
L21-Theory of Cost [Contd…] Details
L22-Theory of Cost [Contd…] Details
L23-Theory of Cost [Contd…] Details
L24-Theory of Market Details
L25-Perfect Competition Details
L26-Perfect Competition [Contd…] Details
L27-Monopoly Details
L29-Monopoly [Contd…] Details
L31-Oligopoly Details
L32-Oligopoly [Contd…] Details
L33-Oligopoly [Contd…] Details
L34-Oligopoly [Contd…] Details
L35-Oligopoly and Game Theory Details
L36-Oligopoly and Game Theory [Contd…] Details
L37-Game Theory / Product Pricing Details
L38-Product Pricing Details
L39-Product Pricing [Contd…] Details
L40-Summary Details
Mod-04 Lec28 L28-Monopoly [Contd…] Details
Mod-04 Lec30 L30-Monopolistic Details
L16-Demand Forecasting [Contd…] Details
L15-Demand Forecasting Details

This course is delivered by IIT Bombay , as part of NPTEL Free Courses sponsored by Govt of India.

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