Overview of the Course : Remembering Geiger, Marsden and Rutherford, Alpha particle scattering from metal foils – Overview of Nuclear Physics
Basic Nuclear Constituents and Properties : Measurement of Nuclear Sizes – Binding Energy, Nuclear mass, Semi empirical formula, valley of stability, Drip Lines
Nuclear Forces : Inside the nucleons: quark picture – Information from Deuteron bound state – Information from Nuclear scattering

Nuclear Structure Models : Nucleon mean potential, approximation by specific solvable potentials, single particle energy levels, magic number – Moments, excited states and other predictions from shell model – Collective model
Radioactive decay and reactions : Alpha decay, Beta decay, Gamma decay, Nuclear reactions – Nuclear Fission, Fusion
Astronuclear Physics : Fusion in Stars, Nucleosynthesis – Neutrinos, neutrino oscilllation
Applications of Nuclear Physics : Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy as a tool for depth profiling – Nuclear Fission Reactors – NAA, PIXE, for trace element analysis – Radioactive Dating – Mössbauer Spectroscopy – Applications in Medicine

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Course Curriculum

-Brief Overview of the course Details 53:34
Nuclear Size Details 58:49
Mod-01 Lec- 03 Nuclear Size Cont.. Details 50:40
Nuclear Size Cont.. Details 58:15
Semi empirical Mass Formula Details 1:3:17
Semi empirical Mass Formula Cont.. I Details 55:10
Semi empirical Mass Formula Cont.. II Details 49:57
Semi empirical Mass Formula Cont.. III Details 48:42
Semi empirical Mass Formula Cont.. IV Details 57:46
How are Neutron stars bound Details 46:27
Deuteron Details 58:12
Deuteron Cont.. Details 54:57
Deuteron Cont.. Details 1:1:56
Scattering of nucleons Details 57:48
Low energy n-p scattering Details 58:53
Theories of nuclear forces Details 58:18
Shell model Details 53:36
Shell model Contd.. I Details 51:45
Shell model Contd.. II Details 58:52
Shell model Contd.. III Details 54:33
Shell model Contd.. IV Details 52:5
Collective models Details 54:59
Vibrational and Rotational levels Details 59:17
Radioactivity, Alpha Decay Details 54:47
Alpha decay Contd.. Details 50:29
Beta decay Details
Beta decay Contd.. I Details 52:15
Beta decay Contd.. II Details 54:8
Gamma decay Details 55:38
Nuclear Reactions Details 58:20
Nuclear reaction Contd.. I Details 54:41
Nuclear reaction Contd.. II Details 49:5
Nuclear Fission basics III Details 50:18
Mod-01 Lec- 34 Nuclear fission of uranium Details 52:15
Mod-01 Lec-35 Nuclear Fission Reactor Details 1:55
Nuclear Energy Programme of India Details 57:28
Nuclear Fusion Details 51:36
Nuclear fusion Contd.. Details 59:31
Thermonuclear fusion reactors Details 51:1
Fusion reactions in Stars and stellar neutrinos Details 53:40
Nucleosynthesis of elements in Stars Details 47:24
Mossbauer Spectroscopy Details 53:33
RBS, PIXE, NAA, Summary Details 53:1

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