Electronic Structure of Materials : Pre-quantum mechanics picture: Drudes Model – Review of quantum mechanics and free electron theory, failures of free electron theory and introduction to the role of lattice – Review of reciprocal lattice, Brillouin zone, free electron band diagram, potential in a crystal, electron dynamics and concept of holes, conductivity in relation to band structure.

Electrical Properties of Materials : Band structure of metals and semiconductors, empirical estimates of conductivity in metals and alloys – Semiconductors – band diagrams, direct and indirect bandgap, degenerate and non-degenerate semiconductors, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, determination of dopant levels and mobility measurements – Dielectric materials – dielectric constants and polarization, linear dielectric materials, capacitors and insulators, C-V characterization – Electronic structure of interfaces: metal-semiconductor, insulator-semiconductor, semiconductor heterostructures.

Optoelectronic Device Physic: Optical materials – electron-hole recombination, bandgap engineering – Light interaction with materials-transparency, translucency and opacity, refraction and refractive index, reflection, absorption and transmission – Carrier generation processes, recombination processes, R-G statistics, surface R-G processes – Carrier transport, drift, diffusion, equation of state.
Basic Electronic Devices : p-n junction their application in solar cells and light emitting diodesMOS devices and TransistorsOrganic electronics – Thin Film Transistors, Light Emitting Diodes, Solar cells

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Course Curriculum

Conductivity of materials, Drude’s theory and its failures Details 1:11
Free electron theory Details 56:46
Free electron theory Details 53:26
Crystal structure, Reciprocal lattice I Details 58:51
Reciprocal lattice II, Brillouin zone and Bragg’s diffraction condition Details 52:6
Electrons in a crystal, Bloch’s electron Details 55:12
Free electron band diagrams in an empty lattice Details 1:12
Effect of periodic potential, Origin of band-gap through Kronig-Penny model Details 59:1
Electron dynamics Details 52:59
Conduction in relation to band diagrams Details 1:10:2
Semiconductor E-k diagrams and their material properties Details 57:39
Equilibrium carrier statistics in semiconductors: density of states, fermi Details 51:25
Equilibrium carrier statistics in semiconductors: qualitative examination Details 1:7:8
Equilibrium carrier statistics in semiconductors: quantitative examination Details 51:58
Doping in semiconductors Details 54:34
Equilibrium carrier statistics in semiconductors: complete ionization of dopant levels Details 0:54
Equilibrium carrier statistics in semiconductors: carrier freeze out Details 50:37
Semiconductor junctions in band-diagrams Details 1:3:49
Linear dielectric behavior Details 1:46
Non-linear dielectric behavior Details 59:15
Carrier recombination-generation-I: band-to-band transition Details 48:54
Carrier recombination-generation –II: Other mechanisms Details 48:41
R-G statistics via R-G centers Details 56:16
Optoelectronic materials and bandgap engineering Details 44:58
Optical properties of materials Details 1:50
Optical properties of single interfaces: Fresnal reflection coefficients Details 50:2
Optical Properties of two interfaces: thin film case Details 48:55
Drift Details 50:58
Diffusion Details 54:59
Continuity Equation Details 53:53
Resistor and diode (p-n junction) Details 47:57
Fundamentals of p-n junction Details 1:2:8
Fundamentals of p-n junction contd. Details 38:4
Solar cells Details 58:37
Microelectronics processing Details 1:44:30
MOS capacitor Details 49:3
Transistor Details 48:38
Organic Electronics Details 39:56
Organic Light Emitting Diodes Details 54:9
Organic Solar Cells and Organics Thin Film Transistors Details 42:21

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