Cement : Production, composition, and properties; cement chemistry;
Types of cements; special cements.
Aggregates : Mineralogy; properties, tests and standards.
Chemical and mineral admixtures : Water reducers, air entrainers, set controllers, specialty admixtures – structure properties, and effects on concrete properties – Introduction to supplementary cementing materials and pozzolans – Fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica fume, and metakaolin – their production, properties, and effects on concrete properties – Other mineral additives – reactive and inert.
Concrete mix design : Basic principles; IS method; ACI method; new approaches based on rheology and particle packing.

Concrete Production & Fresh concrete : Batching of ingredients; mixing, transport, and placement – Consolidation, finishing, and curing of concrete; initial and final set – significance and measurement – Workability of concrete and its measurement – Engineering properties of concrete : Compressive strength and parameters affecting it – Tensile strength – direct and indirect; Modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio – Stress strain response of concrete.
Dimensional stability and durability : Creep and relaxation – parameters affecting; Shrinkage of concrete – types and significance – Parameters affecting shrinkage; measurement of creep and shrinkage.
Durability of concrete : Introduction to durability; relation between durability and permeability – Chemical attack of concrete; corrosion of steel rebars; other durability issues.
Special concretes : Properties and applications of: High strength – high performance concrete, reactive powder concrete – Lightweight, heavyweight, and mass concrete; fibre reinforced concrete; self-compacting concrete; shotcrete; other special concretes.

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Course Curriculum

Production and Composition Details 1:7
Structure and Hydration Details 1:1:23
Structure and Hydration I Details 54:30
Properties and Tests Details 57:30
Types and Use Details 1:2:2
Aggregates (Size , Shape) Details 55:47
Packing, FM,SM Details 58:31
Properties Details 59:26
Chemical Admixtures Details 57:37
Chemical Admixtures I Details 58:46
Mineral Admixtures Details 54:1
Mineral Admixtures I Details 54:57
Mineral Admixtures II Details 59:52
Mix Proportioning of Concrete: General Principles Details 55:29
Mix design of Concrete: General and IS Method Details 1:27
Mix Design of Concrete:Is Example and British (DOE) Method I Details 59:23
Mix Design of concrete: ACI 211 Method II Details 55:25
Mix Design of concrete:Packing Density, Rheology III Details 50:33
Batching and Mixing of concrete: General Principles Details 57:14
RMC and Transporting Concrete Details 56:56
Workability and Pumping of Concrete Details 1:3:15
Compaction and Curing Concrete Details 59:13
Strength of Concrete: Factors Affecting Details 55:35
Strength of Concrete: Aggregate Contribution Details 54:18
Strength of Concrete: Factors Affecting Test Results Details 1:10
Mechanical Properties of Concrete:Elastic Moduls, Poision’Ratio,Fatigue, Impact Details 1:3:51
Creep of Concrete Details 57:26
Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete Details 1:1:10
Shrinkage of Concrete Details 51:42
Shrinkage of Concrete I Details 54:44
Fundamental Concepts, Degradation Process, Attacks Details 57:49
Frost Action and Rebar Corrosion Details 1:24
Carbonation and Chloride Affect Details 1:2:2
Rebar Corrosion Details 57:17
Rebar Corrosion and General Strateggy I Details 49:57
High Strength Concrete Details 1:1:58
High Strength Matrics and SCC I Details 56:1
Self Compacting Concrete Details 56:54
Fiber Concrete Details 59:18
Fiber and Roller Compacted Concrete Details 56:49
Special Concrete and Sustainability Details 51:43

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