Basic facts about maxima and minima – Examples and modeling – Mathematical Prerequisites – Optimality conditions for Unconstrained Optimization – The Steepest Descent Method – Convergence analysis of Steepest Descent Method – Newtons Method and Convergence Analysis – Quasi Newton Methods – Conjugate Gradient Method – Fundamentals of Constrained Optimization – Minimizing a differentiable function over a convex set – Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions – Active-Set Method – Quadratic Optimization – Penalty Function Method – Penalty Functions and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions – Sequential Quadratic Programming – Conic Optimization – Semi-definite Programming – Lagrangian Relaxations for Integer Programming – SDP relaxations for quadratic integer programming – The S-Lemma and Quadratic Programming Duality – Duality in optimization – Duality in conic and semidefinite programming – Trust Region Methods – Derivative Free Optimization – Introduction to Calculus of Variations.

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