Advanced manufacturing process for micro sytem

IIT Kanpur Course , Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya

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Historical Perspective - Emerging of MEMS - Emergence of BioMEMS - Micro/ Nano-systems - On Size and Scale! - Silicon MEMS examples - Examples of Microsystems in Biology - Bio-Micro/ Nano-systems and technology - Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing processes - History of Machining - Machining Accuracies - Classification of all Material Removal Processes - Machining By Cutting (Conventional) - Various Metal Cutting Processes - Abrasive Machining Categories - Non Traditional Machining - Classification of Non Traditional Machining - Mechanical Machining - Thermal Machining - Chemical and Electrochemical Machining - Summary Description of the course - MEMS materials - Crystallography and crystal structure - Single Crystalline silicon formulation (Czochralski's growth method) - Czochralsky's Growth Method - Single Crystalline silicon formulation (Float zone method) - Glass - Wafer specification and preparation - Introduction to Device fabrication - Introduction to Micro-fabrication - Subtractive Techniques

Subtractive Techniques - Etch Selectivity - Some Common Etchants (for Isotropic Wet Etching in Silicon) - Dry Etching - Recipes of Dry Etchant Gases - Photolithography - Types of photolithography - The resolution at the bottom of the Photoresist Types for Optical lithography (+ve and -ve tone) - Polymer MEMS - Materials for MEMS specially Polymer MEMS - Some Fabrication Methods for soft materials - Replication and Molding - Micro contact printing - PDMS glass silicon hybrid biochip - Micro-channel Arrays using Controlled Etching - Capillary moulding (Used for micropatterning) - Dip Pen Lithography - Compression Molding - Nano imprint lithography - Process Steps for Photolithography - Process Steps For Lithography - Spray Development,-ve tone photoresist SU8 - How does it work? - Variation of roughness of exposed SU8 features with exposure time - Etching (Bulk micromachining) - Deposition and Liftoff - Wafer level bonding schemes - Results: Fabrication Methodology Developed - Bond Strength Measurement - Effect on PDMS surface of Plasma exposure - Surface cracking and oozing out of Oligomeric chains

Introduction to Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM) - Mechanics of AJM - Process parameters - The Abrasive - The gas - Nozzle to tip distance (Stand off distance) - Photo graphs of the actual Machined Cavity profile at different NTD - Mixing and Mass Ratio - Numerical Problem - Abrasive Jet Machines - Ultrasonic Machining - Basics of the USM process - Mechanics of USM - M.C. Shaw's model of USM mechanics - USM process - Plot between MRR and Feed force - Process Parameters - Dependence of surface finish on grain size - Numerical Problem - Ultrasonic Machining Unit - Acoustic Head - Feed Mechanism - Design consideration for the Tool - Abrasive Slurry - Abrasive Jet Micro Machining (AJMM) - Erosive Mechanism of AJMM - Mask Materials of AJMM - Micromachining with Abrasive Water Jets - Micro-grooving of glass using micro-abrasive jet machining - Micro Fluidic Channel Machining on Fused Silica Glass Using Powder Blasting - AJMM of micro-channels in PMMA - Electrochemical Machining (ECM) - Electrochemistry of ECM process - Ion-Ion and ion-solvent interaction

Lecture 24:

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        Advanced manufacturing process for micro sytem fabrication by Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL visit




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