Mass Transfer Operations I

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Diffusion Mass Transfer:Introduction to mass transfer and diffusion, molecular diffusion in gases, liquids, biological solutions and gels – Diffusivity measurement and prediction , multicomponent diffusion, molecular diffusion in solids – Numerical methods for steady-state molecular diffusion in two dimension – Mass Transfer Coefficients:Concept of mass transfer coefficients, mass transfer under laminar and turbulent flow past solids – Boundary layers, theories of mass transfer and their applications, interphase mass transfer – Equilibrium and diffusion between phases – Use of mass transfer coefficients, mass transfer coefficients for different geometries, material balances and stages.

Equipment for Gas-Liquid Operations:Sparged and agitated vessels, venture scrubber, wetted wall towers – Tray and packed towers, mass transfer coefficients for packed towers – Absorption:Theory and modeling of plate columns, non-isothermal operation (modeling of plate columns) – Modeling of packed columns, introduction to multicomponent absorption – Distillation:Flash distillation, differential distillation, continuous fractionation, modeling by method of McCabe & Thiele – Introduction to multicomponent distillation, azeotropic distillation, extractive distillation.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Mass Transfer Details 45:45
Molecular Diffusion Details 52:22
Fick’s Law of Diffusion Details 46:58
Steady state molecular diffusion in fluids Details 44:59
Steady state molecular diffusion in fluids I Details 42:52
Diffusion coefficient: Measurement and Prediction Details 44:12
Diffusion Coefficient: Measurement and Prediction I Details 45:34
Multicomponent Diffusion and Diffusivity in Solids Details 45:51
Concept of Mass Transfer Coefficient Details 51:2
Dimensionless Groups and Co-relations for Convective Details 49:33
Mass Transfer co-efficient in Laminar Flow Condition Details 48:39
Boundary Layer Theory and Film Theory in Mass Transfer Details 47:38
Mass Transfer Coefficients in Terbulant Flow I Details 48:9
Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Details 49:40
Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories I Details 54:23
Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories II Details 51:3
Agitated and Sparged Vassels Details 53:53
Tray Column Details 53:25
Tray Column I Details 57:6
Packed Tower Details 59:54
Introduction to Absorption and Solvent selection Details 55:33
Packed Tower Design I Details 48:44
Packed Tower Design II Details 49:44
Packed Tower Design Part III Details 52:20
Mass Transfer Coefficients Correlation and HETP Concept Details 46:49
Tray Tower Design and Introduction to Multicomponent System Details 44:48
Introduction to Distillation and Phase diagrams Details 45:17
Azeotropes and Enthalpy Concentration Diagrams Details 51:38
Flash Distillation Details 32:12
Batch and Steam Distillation Details 49:43
Fractional Distillation Details 53:33
Fractional Distillation: McCabe Thiele Method I Details 46:48
Fractional Distillation: Minimum Reflux and Pinch Point II Details 40:6
Fractional Distillation: Subcooled Reflux ,Tray Efficiency and Use of Open Steam III Details 42:47
Fractional Distillation: Multiple Feeds and Side Stream IV Details 0:37
Multistage Batch Distillation with Reflux Details 37:15
Fractional Distillation: Ponchan and Savarit Method Details 35:48
Ponchan and Savarit Method and Packed Tower Distillation Details 40:8
Multicomponent Distillation Details 35:43

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