Introduction to Modern Linguistics

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Objectives of the course – Design Features of Language – Air Stream Mechanism, Organs of Articulation, Function of Vocal Chords, Sound Waves – Fundamental and Formant Frequencies; Intonation, Voiced and Voiceless Sounds, Vowels and Consonants – Sounds in Context, Phonemes, Allophones, Di-phones, Syllables – Word formation, Root, Affix, Constraint on Affixation – Language Acquisition(Language Acquisition Device; Universal Grammar; Principles and Parameters) – Sentence: an Introduction (Structure and components of a sentence; Order of words: Subject-Object-Verb) – X-bar Theory (Specifiers vs. complements, arguments vs. adjuncts, similarities between nominal and sentential structure)

Case Theory(Abstract, inherent, and morphological case; Exceptional Case Marking, Nominative-accusative vs. Ergative-absolutive patterns) – Binding Theory(Conditions A, B, and C, the role of structural relationships such as c-command, the role of locality, binding domains) – A-movement(Raising movement; Distinction between raising and control (PRO and pro); Movement in Passives; Case as motivation for movement) – A-bar-movement(Wh-movement; Constraints on A-bar movements; Subjacency and the Empty Category Principles; Argument-adjunct asymmetries) – Head-movement(English auxiliary system (English vs. French); Nature of constraints on movement) – Pragmatics –Language variation, Speech Community, Dialects, Sociolects, Discourse

Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 48:50
Design Features of Language Details 41:50
Design Features of Language-2 Details 47:44
Design Features of Language-3 Details 50:15
Design Features of Language-4 Details 48:4
Design Features of Language-5 Details 49:37
Production of Speech Sounds Details 46:39
Organs of Articulation Details 46:45
Functions of Vocal Cords Details 50:17
Production of Speech Sounds, Cardinal Vowels Details 48:34
English Vowels Details 49:26
Diphthong Details 44:28
Production of Consonants Details 46:26
Consonants Details 39:25
Consonants-2 Details 40:2
Review : Production of Speech Sounds Details 45:48
What is Phonology Details 47:40
Phonemes & Allophones: Details 45:38
Phonological Phenomena Details 47:23
Syllable Template Details 38:32
Syllable Details 44:18
Syllable – Based Generalization I Details 53:32
Syllable – Based Generalization II Details 44:41
Morphology Details 49:25
Units of Word Formation Details 39:46
Affixation Details 47:16
Syntax: An Introduction Details 40:43
Syntax: An Introduction Cont… I Details 48:21
Syntax: X-bar Theory II Details 45:7
Syntax: X-bar Theory Cont… III Details 54:53
Syntax: Phrase Structure (Compliment and Adjuncts) Details 0:45
Syntax: Argument Selection IV Details 36:14
Syntax: Structure of an IP and Thematic Relations V Details 48:28
Syntax: Structure of an IP and Thematic Relations VI Details 43:58
Syntax: Structure of an IP and Thematic Relations VII Details 52:33
Syntax: Case Assignment VIII Details 47:24
Syntax: Exceptional Case Marking IX Details 48:53
Word Formation-3 Details 41:3
Discourse Details 44:45
Discourse I Details 49:12
Concluding Remarks Details 21:28

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