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Lecture 1: English fillers to speak fluently. ( Gap fillers) Free English lesson

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When we speak continuously we end up using gap fillers. These words are short phrases and are used when we fall short of words. You would commonly come across people who end up making vocal sounds to keep a conversation going such as umm, ahhh or ohhh etc., They end up up doing this subconsciously but it’s better to avoid them as they are signs of weakness.Here in this lesson we don’t encourage you to use fillers, but there are times when we hesitate in the middle of a conversation and search for words to keep going. Here are some expressions that you can use as fillersTell me somethingWowWellYou seeBy the wayNo wayCertainly SurelyExactlyBasicallyTo be honestAll the above expressions help you to buy time and avoid that awkward silence when you are falling short of words.There are situations when someone asks you a question and you are not able to answer straight forwardly, then please don’t give up, just repeat the question and add well, ......( helps you to buy time)Eg) what do you think about this movie?Repeat the question .........well, ........You know, I think it was a little boring and stereo type.Enjoy the Lesson! Good luck to learn English!



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