Linux Programming and Scripting

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Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Linux Basics:Introduction to Linux, File System of the Linux, General usage of Linux kernel & basic commands, Linux users and group, Permissions for file, directory and users, Searching a file & directory, zipping and unzipping concepts - Linux Networking:Introduction to Networking in Linux, Network basics & tools, File transfer protocol in Linux, Network file system, Domain Naming Services, Dynamic hosting configuration Protocol & Network information Services

Perl Scripting:Introduction to Perl Scripting, working with Simple Values, Lists and Hashes, Loops and Decisions, Regular Expressions, Files and Data in Perl Scripting, References &Subroutines, Running and Debugging Perl, Modules, Object-Oriented Perl - Tcl/tkScripting:Tcl Fundamentals, String and Pattern Matching, Tcl Data Structures, Control Flow Commands, Procedures and Scope, Evel, Working With UNIX, Reflection and Debugging, Script Libraries, Tk Fundamentals, Tk by Examples, The Pack Geometry Manager, Binding Commands to X Events, Buttons and Menus, Simple Tk Widgets, Entry and Listbox Widgets Focus, Grabs and Dialogs

Python Scripting:Introduction to Python, Using the Python Interpreter, More Control Flow Tools, Data Structures, Modules, Input and Output,Errors and Exceptions, Classes, Brief Tour of the Standard Library