Introduction to Logic

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Introduction: Logic and its relationship to other disciplines – Argument, Premises, conclusion, Indicators – Nature and scope of Deductive and Inductive Arguments – Validity and strength of Deductive and Inductive arguments – Truth and Soundness, Counter example method for invalidity of deductive arguments – Diagramming Arguments – Formal and Informal Fallacies: Denial of Antecedent, Affirming the consequent – Fallacies of relevance – Fallacies of Induction – Fallacies arising from the ambiguities in Language.

Traditional Logic: Why formal Logic – Aristotle Theory of Syllogisms – Square of Opposition, Validity of syllogisms using Venn, Euler diagrams – Limitations of Aristotle Logic, Boolean logic and birth of Modern Logic – Modern Logic – Propositional and predicate Logic: Syntax and Semantics – Validity, Consistency, Soundness, Proof, Completeness – Various techniques such as Truth Table method – Indirect truth table method – Natural Deduction – Tree Method – Godels incompleteness theorem – Limitations of standard two valued logic

Course Curriculum

Nature and Scope of Deductive and Inductive Arguments Details 44:34
Truth, Validity and Soundness Details 55:23
Strength of Inductive arguments, Counter example method Details 52:43
Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation Details 49:9
Identification of Formal and Informal Fallacies Details 56:38
Introduction and motivation for Syllogistic Logic Details 57:57
Aristotle theory of Syllogisms-1 Details 48:56
Syllogistic Poem, Reduction of Syllogisms Details 57:47
Syllogistic Poem, Reduction of Syllogisms Details 58:45
Syntax of Propositional Logic Details 57:10
Semantic Tableaux Method for Propositional Logic Details 58:32
Knights and Knaves Puzzles Details 58:53
Semantic Tableaux Method: Further Examples Details 58:15
Natural Deduction Method Details 57:32
Natural Deduction: Examples Details 41:2
Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal Forms Details 57:38
Resolution and refutation method: Examples Details 58:14
Axiomatic Propositional Logic Details 56:48
Hlbert Ackermann Axiomatic system Details 57:3
Proofs in the PM system Details 56:27
Hilbert and Ackermann System Details 58:20
Outlines of Predicate Logic Details 58:58
Translation in to predicate Logic Details 59:21
Semantics of Predicate Logic Details 54:23
Truth, satisfiability, validity in Predicate Logic Details 37:18
Formation Trees for wff’s in predicate Logic Details 44:25
Semantic Tableaux Method for Predicate Logic Details 45:24
Important theorems in First order Logic Details 45:43
Limitations of first order logic and Introduction to the course Details 58:11

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