Ocean Structures and Materials

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Different types of ocean structures – Various structural systems deployed for shallow, medium, deep and ultra-deep waters – Various environmental loads acting on offshore structures – Structural action exercised by offshore structures – Different types of coastal structures – Brief outline of planning of ocean structures – Brief introduction to design of ocean structures – Towing, launching and installation of offshore structures and pipe lines – Regulations and codes of practice – Foundation systems for ocean structures – Sea bed anchors – Dredging methods and equipments – Materials for marine applications – Different types of materials and their applications in marine environment – Properties and selection of materials for marine environment – Corrosion and corrosion protection methods – Introduction to composites for marine environment – Codes of practice for materials in marine environment – Inspection and testing of ocean structures – Introduction to Non-destructive testing – Repair and rehabilitation of marine structures – Planning guidelines for maintenance of ocean structures – Structural health monitoring of ocean structures

Course Curriculum

Introduction and objectives Details 45:4
Outline of planning of ocean structures Details 32:46
Introduction to materials I Details 39:36
Non-destructive testing Details 32:46
Fixed type offshore structures Details 43:22
Introduction to design Details 46:48
Introduction to materials II Details 35:46
Structural health monitoring Details 42:3
Compliant type offshore structures-I Details 0:48
Construction techniques Details 47:1
Concrete in marine environment Details 37:31
Wireless sensor networking Details 21:29
Compliant type offshore structures-II Details 31:43
Dredging I Details 35:47
Concrete: problems and solutions Details 29:12
Repair and rehabilitation- Fenders Details 40:29
Drill ships and basics of drilling Details 43:32
Dredging II Details 20:50
Repair materials for marine structures Details 30:52
Subsea production systems Details 35:12
Uncertainties in analysis and design Details 49:39
Corrosion in concrete I Details 34:43
Environmental loads I Details 40:38
Design adequacy- Example I Details 1:1:12
Corrosion in concrete II Details 33:12
Environmental loads II Details 31:4
Design adequacy- Example II Details 36:29
Material sin repair and rehabilitation Details 34:50
Types of coastal structures I Details 30:7
Dredging equipments’ specifications Details 26:2
Materials for special repair Details 25:55
Types of coastal structures II Details 25:30
Ocean Pollution Details 20:35
New materials for coastal embankments I Details 34:26
Summary of coastal structures Details 32:53
Foundation and sea bed anchors Details 32:2
New materials for coastal embankments II Details 34:15
Tutorials on Module I Details 18:31
Tutorials on Module I Details 18:31

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