Engineering Physics I

IIT Roorkee, , Prof. G.D. Verma

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Theory of relativity:Inertial and non inertial frame and fictitious force, Michelson Moreley experiment and postulates of special theory of relativity, Galilean and Lorentz transformations of space and time - Length contraction, time dilation, relativistic velocity, equivalence of mass and energy;Dynamics of fluid:Continuity equation, Bernoullis theorem and its application,Torcellis theorem, Viscosity flow of liquid through a capillary tube, capillaries in series and parallel, poiseuilles equation Stokes formula, application of stokes theorem, effect of temperature and pressure on viscosity;Acoustics:Propagation and superposition of sound waves, reflection, diffraction and refraction of sound waves, production and application of ultrasonics, acoustics of buildings;Thermal Physics:Kinetic theory of gases - Maxwellian dist., imperfect gases, Vanderwaals equation of states, production and measurement of low and high pressure;Geometrical optics:Review of formation of images by lenses, combination of thin and thick lenses,Aberrations, doublets, location and properties of cardinal points, graphical construction of images;Physical optics:Interference:Superposition principle, intensity distribution, condition for interference, coherent and non coherent source, classification of fringes,system for observing the interfernce phenomna and engineering application of interference phenomena;Diffraction:Fraunhoffer diffraction for Single slit and double slit, diffraction grating, resolving power of a grating, image forming systems;Polarisation:Propagation of electromagnetic wave and its representation, concept of phase, randomly, plane, circular and elliptical polarized light,polarization of light by reflection, polarizer (Malus law), and crystal, retardation plated and polarimeter;Experiment Error analyses:Decay of current in an RC circuit - Determination of Planckconstant using Photocell - Focal length of combination of lenses - Coefficient of viscosity of water - Thermal conductivity of a bad and good conductor - Calibration of a thermocouple and measurement of unknown temperature - Determination of wavelength of light by Newtons ring method - Determination of slit width by single slit method - Dispersive power of the material of the prism - Polarization of light - Use of Carry foster bridge - Study of electromagnetic induction - Study of electromagnetic damping and determination of terminal velocity reached by a magnet falling in a metallic tube - Study of LCR circuit with ac current


Lecture 31: Introduction of special relativity

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Engineering Physics I by Prof. G.D. Verma,Prof. M. K. Srivastava ,Prof. B. K. Patra & Prof. Rajdeep Chatterjee,Department of physics,IIT Roorkee.For more details on NPTEL visit httpnptel.ac.in



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.