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Lecture 23: How to become Software Testing Expert

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How to become a Software Testing Expert in your team or company?

Who is a software testing expert? A professional who is very highly skilled in software testing and is reputed.
Why become an expert? Many reasons. You could get more and better work opportunities and make more money. Also, higher professional satisfaction and prestige.
How to become one? First, become very highly skilled in software testing. Then, build your reputation in software testing in your area.

How to become very highly skilled in testing?
- Commit to software testing long-term
- Learn daily
- Practice testing
- Integrate your knowledge
- Aim to provide big value to your clients
- Focus on results
In your project
- Review system requirements often
- Design and test with interesting test data
- Testing negatively
- Test external interfaces and system configuration settings
- Generate ideas from prior bugs
- Create a To-Do list as you test for later testing
- Also, test outside your area
- Test at different speeds
- Keep track of your bug reports
Design your own testing methodology to provide big value to your clients.
When not working in a project, still learn and practice software testing daily.

How to build your reputation in software testing?
- Update your professional profile
- Communicate often
- Nurture your supporters
- Go for difficult projects
- Share your knowledge
- Be interested in other projects
- Look forward to the future
- Be open to criticism but always respond logically
- Write and Speak
Be in the news for the good reasons

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