Structure of present day electronic products – Analog signal conditioning and processing functions in instrumentation and control and communication – One-port networks for analog signal processing – Two-port networks for analog signal processing – Amplifiers and Op Amps – Comparators and Multipliers – FETs and BJTs – Negative feedback in systems – VCVS and VCCS using Op Amps – CCVS and CCCS using Op Amps – Ideal filters and their mathematical approximations – First and second order passive filters – Active filters by Q-enhancement – Active filters using Biquads – Switched capacitor filters – Sinusoidal oscillators – Regenerative feedback in comparators – Non-sinusoidal oscillators

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Course Curriculum

Mod01-Lec01 Introduction to Sensors, Signals and Systems Details
Mod01-Lec02 Role of Analog Signal Processing in Electronic Products – Part I Details
Mod01-Lec03 Role of Analog Signal Processing in Electronic Products – Part II Details
Mod02-Lec04 Analog Signal Processing using One Port Networks Details
Mod02-Lec05 Analog Signal Processing using One Port Networks, Passive Two Ports and Ideal amplifiers Details
Mod02-Lec06 Synthesis of Amplifiers using Nullators and Norators Details
Mod03-Lec07 Passive Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing Details
Mod03-Lec08 Active Devices for Analog Signal Processing Systems Details
Mod03-Lec09 Electronic Devices for Analog Circuits- Part I Details
Mod03-Lec10 Electronic Devices for Analog Circuits- Part II Details
Mod04-Lec11 Feedback in Systems Details
Mod04-Lec12 Static Charecteristic of Feedback Systems Details
Mod04-Lec13 Dynamic Behaviour of Feedback Systems- Part I Details
Mod04-Lec14 Dynamic Behavior of Feedback Systems – Part II Details
Mod05-Lec15 Design of Feedback Amplifiers – Part I Details
Mod05-Lec16 Design of Feedback Amplifiers – Part II Details
Mod05-Lec17 Design of Feedback Amplifiers and Instrumentation Amplifiers Details
Mod05-Lec18 Instrumentation Amplifiers, Integrators and Differentiators Details
Mod05-Lec19 Non-linear Analog Signal Processing Details
Mod05-Lec20 DC Voltage Regulators Details
Mod06-Lec21 Filters – Approximations to ideal filter functions Details
Mod06-Lec22 Passive Filters – Part I Details
Mod06-Lec23 Passive Filters – Part II Details
Mod06-Lec24 Active Filters – Part I Details
Mod06-Lec25 Active Filters – Part II Details
Mod06-Lec26 Active Filters: Q-enhancement Details
Mod06-Lec27 State Space Filters Details
Mod06-Lec28 Universal Active Filter – Effect of Active Device GB Details
Mod06-Lec29 State-Space Filters (Tuning of Filters) Details
Mod06-Lec30 Automatic Tuning of Filters (PLL) and Review of Filter Design Details
Mod07-Lec31 Waveform Generation Details
Mod07-Lec32 LC Oscillator – Effect of Non-idealities Details
Mod07-Lec33 Transconductor based Oscillator Details
Mod07-Lec34 Regenerative Comparators and Non-Sinusoidal Oscillators Details
Mod07-Lec35 Non-Sinusoidal Oscillators and VCO (FM & FSK Generators) Details
Mod08-Lec36 Phase and Frequency Followers Details
Mod08-Lec37 Frequency Locked Loop (Popularly known as PLL) Details
Mod08-Lec38 Design of PLL and FLL Details
Mod09-Lec39 Analog System Design Details

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