Principles of Combing, Roving preparation & Ring spinning

IIT Delhi, , Prof. Prof. Ravi Chattopadhyay

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


The course will focus on three processes i.e. combing , roving preparation and ring spinning. The construction , design features and working principles of the machines will be looked into. The role of machine and process parameters on process performance will be explained. The interaction between technology and machine design will be discussed. Emphasis will be on know why rather than know how.


Lecture 1: Pre-combing operation (Part 1)

4.1 ( 11 )

Lecture Details

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Week 1: Flow chart of combed spinning process, objectives of combing , consequence of short fibres in cotton , segregation principle
               of short fibres from longer ones, Combing operations and its classification, sequence of operation, Timing diagram
Week 2: Pre-combing operation, Comber lap formation, Design features and working principle sliver lap & ribbon lap machines, Draft 
                and its influence on lap quality. Structure and design feature of combing machine. Working principle , Design features of combing
                machine elements ( lap feed roller, cylinder comb, top comb, nipper assembly, detaching roller, sliver table, 
                drafting rollers, coiling arrangement)
Week 3:  Mechanism for lap feed, nipper assembly movement, detaching roller movement, and cylinder comb Web structure , condensation,
             sliver guidance & drafting process
Week 4: Theory of noil extraction fro forward and backward feed machines, Influence of process parameters on combing efficiency Production 
and draft calculation        
Week 5: Objects of roving frame, Machine configuration, working principle Drafting system, drafting elements (cradle, aprons, condenser etc.)
Week 6: Flyer construction, presser , twisting , flyer top , twist diameter count relationship Bobbin geometry , Operation for bobbin building, 
Winding process, winding equation, Bobbin leading vs flyer leading frame
Week 7: Variable speed drive, Differential gear Building motion: function and working
Week 8: Drive analysis, motion flow,Ring frame : machine configuration, various components, working principle
Week 9: Drafting, Drafting elements, drafting angle, Difference between speed frame and ring frame drafting system, break draft and main draft 
distribution Twisting and winding principle, twisting winding equation, twist flow, winding tension
Week 10: Bobbin building : bobbin geometry, Nature of ring rail movement, winding and binding layer, Formation of base and conical bottom. Ring 
and traveler: types , purpose, traveler number
Week 11: Spindle : construction, drive, Spinning geometry, spatial location of elements
Week 12: Balloon mechanics, Tension in balloon yarn, balloon size, End breaks, non uniformity, causes & remedies



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.