Chemical Process Intensification

IIT Guwahati, , Prof. Dr. S.K. Majumder

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


This course covers the developments in a number of intensified technologies, with particular emphasis on their application in chemical processes. The course is intended to be a useful resource for practising engineers and chemists alike who are interested in applying intensified reactor and/or separator systems in chemical industries. It will provide a basic knowledge of chemical engineering principles and process intensification for chemists and engineers who may be unfamiliar with these concepts. It will be a valuable tool for chemical engineers who wish to fully apply their background in reaction and separation engineering to the design and implementation of green processing technologies based on process intensification principles. Students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes which cover topics on advanced reactor designs, process intensification, will gain a better understanding of the practical applications in different areas.


Lecture 1: Lec 1: History, Philosophy and Concept

4.1 ( 11 )

Lecture Details

Course Details


Week 1: Introduction on Process Intensification: 
                History, Philosophy and Concept, Principle Features, Strategies and domain based techniques
Week 2: Mechanism involved in the process intensification
                Intensification by fluid flow process, Mechanism of Intensification by mixing, Intensification in Reactive system
Week 3: Role of Process intensification in sustainable development
Problems leading to sustainable development, Concept, Issues and Challenges, Strategies in process design
Week 4: Design Techniques for Process Intensifications 
                Scales and stages of process intensification, Methods and Tools for Achieving sustainable design, Multi-level Computer aided tools
Week 5: Stochastic Optimization for Process Intensification
                 Introduction on Stochastic Optimization, Optimization Algorithms, Applications of Optimization Algorithms 
Week 6: Process intensification by cavitation
                Introduction and Mechanism of Cavitation-based PI, Cavitational Reactor Configurations and activity, Parametric effects on cavitation
Week 7: Process Intensification by monolith reactor
                Introduction of monolith reactor, Preparation of monolithic catalyst, Application of monolithic catalyst, Hydrodynamics, transport of monolithic reactor
Week 8: Interfacial area based PI
                Overview of interfacial area based processes, Ejector induced downflow system for PI, Hydrodynamics and transport in downflow system, 
Week 9: Process intensification in distillation
                Introduction and Principles, Types of Intensified Distillation Units, Design of membrane-assisted distillation
Week 10:Process intensification in extraction
                Introduction and Principles, Supercritical extraction for process intensification, 
Week 11: Process intensification by membrane
                Introduction to membrane and its principles, Membrane engineering in process intensification
Week 12: Micro Process Technology in process intensification

                Introduction to microprocess technology, Process Intensification by Microreactors, Hydrodynamics and transport in microchannel based microreactor



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.